Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Wednesday Weigh-In #3

75,5 kg. Sigh.

I knew it was not going to do great on this weigh-in. Last days were really bad and everything that could go wrong went wrong. Of course I slipped back to my bad habits and ate much too much (yesterday I ate at Burger King!). I don't even feel like whining about what happened during the last days, mabe at some later point. I hope that part of it will eventually get solved, but at the moment I just have to sit and wait.

I am not doing well stitching wither. I cannot focus on what I'm doing, so Nature's Beauties are not really progressing. No chance to get them finished for DD's first birthday in November, sigh...

When things get calmer here I will try to post some WIP pictures, now I have to go to the gym (yeah, fatburner course LOL)

Sunday, August 22, 2004

New skin and other blog stuff

I have found a blog skin design that I really like. It contains pictures and css that need to be hosted somewhere. But after 20 minutes trying I gave it up. Does anyone know where I could find explanation on how to put a new skin onto the blog?

Another question I have is how to make the blogs on the blogrolling list show, that they have been updated...

Sigh, new blogging world...

Question of the Week (Aug 16)

If you were to stitch something to be passed on to future generations of your family as an heirloom, what would it be and why?

I don't have anything valuable at the moment. Most of my HD were smallish pieces, almost all of them presents or charity squares. I am yet to have those HD for myself. But what I would really like to stitch and keep for generations would be definitely some of the Victoria Sampler designs. I adore Heirloom Christmas Sampler and some of the floral samplers, but at the moment, there's simply no way I could buy the charts and kit them up. Maybe when I'm back to work, I will be able to save some money and possibly even book an online class, to make sure I actually CAN stitch one of them. They are so absolutely beautiful, so breath-taking, that I'm sure one day I will stitch some of them.

Rotation Progress

Yes, I actually progressed in my rotation. I have inished my charity slot and had a HD - a quilt square with Suzie's Zoo Witzy. I likes the design so much that I decided to exchange Isa Vautier's Coeur with Suzie's Zoo In the Meadow in my rotation. It's bigger, but still easy and very colourful and I think it's going to be a great picture for DD's room.

Now I am stitching on Nature's Beauties and although I really enjoy it, I am procrastinating big time today. Don't really know why, just because I guess. Maybe because we had a fight with DH in the morning and I'm still not completely over it. And I had to start stitching today with frogging a big blob, sigh. I hate when it happens. I think that today I am going to have as much stitched as yesterday.

Anyway I am enjoying my rotation more and more. I have only one thing to consider. What to do with ornies? I mean I can stitch the ornie for ornie RR while stitching something else. It worked great with the last one. But I have some other ornies I would like to stitch and just don't know where to put them. I don't want to make my rotation any longer, but how should I accomodate my ornies without doing it?

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Rotation and loads of work

I have finishied slot 1 and 2 in my rotation and enjoyed stitching on them a lot. At the moment I wouldn't change anything in my rotation but the way till the end of Round 1 is still very long, so we will see at the end. I would just love to incorporate my waiting pieces into the rotation and I have only a slot for one new start. Weeping Wisteria is the piece which is closest to being finished, so maybe after I have finished its slot, I will decide to make it a focus piece or do a finishing frenzy on it. Then I could have a new start in the next rotation without making it larger.

Yesterday I barely got any stitching time at all. I didn't even count it as a day in my rotation. It was definitely less than 30 minutes and I will have to unstitch it anyway. I started a small Flower Fairy design from a free kit and changed the fabby to 14 ct Aida (the original was 16 ct), then I noticed the floss is not enough, grrrhhh. I wanted to stitch this design from the delivered floss, without having to search for additional floss. I'm not sure yet, if I will continue stitching on it and find new floss or stitch something else, instead first and come back to it later on. I like the design, so maybe I will just see if I have the floss needed in my stash central and eventually substitute the floss I don't have with some other colours.

Yesterday was a hard day in general. I went to my gym in the morning and took a course in fatburner. It was really hard and I couldn't quite follow the steps, but it was my first time, so I guess it can only get better with time. Then I had my second hour with a trainer.

After coming back home I got a phone call from a journalist writing about my charity project in the newspaper in my home town. The artical is supposed to be published today, so there was really very little time to get everything done, including scanning my photo, obtaining the OK to publish the photos of finished quilts from the people who sewn them, answer the journalist's question, etc. I only worked on that from 1 p.m. till 7 p.m. I was so happy when she had everything she wanted, but so tired in the same time!

In the evening I managed to get some more work for my charity project done. The list of children is almost completely ready, I just need to update the webpage and the majority of the work will be done. At least of the work that has been waititng since May, there will still be enough to do for the current quilts.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Wednsesday Weigh-In #2

76 kg!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

My new rotation

My new rotation:
1. MLI Catch the Wind
2. French Mystery Garden

3. Dimensions Nature's Beauties
4. Weeping Wisteria

5. Isa Vautier Coeaur Nounours (new start)
6. MLI Catch the Wind

7. Heritage Great Expectations
8. Blue Hardanger tabletop

9. Dimensions Cottage Entchantment
10. A new start (TW, Mirabilia, Chatelaine)

My rotation song has a refrain. Every two pieces comes a charity slot. Main pieces get 3-5 days of attention, depending on how long I wish to stitch on them, how much stitching time I got on those days and how quickly I want a piece finished.

Charity slot is 1-3 days long. I am going to add it every two pieces to make sure I actually get enough charity pieces finished.

Days when I get no stitching done, or less than 30 minutes do not count at all, other days count as day, regardless how much time I was able to stitch. I am not keen on counting exact time I stitch and I don't think it's possible at all. E. g. when I stitch in front of the tv, I don't know how much time I really devote to stitching and how much to watching. So it's easier for me to count days instead.

Number 5 is not really a planned new start, but it's there to make sure I have enough smaller pieces for myself. I have many smallish projects, but they all go to charity and I would like to have some HD just for myself every now and then. So slot 5 is reserved for smaller pieces, that can be done within several rotations.

Slot number 2 is reserved for either mysteries or for samplers. I will decide after I've finished my mystery garden if there is something that I would really like to stitch among the free projects on French pages and if not I think this could be a spot for DT Prairie Garden.
Weeping Wisteria is the closest to being finished and I will replace it with either another existing WIP or a new start, depending on the state of my rotation, when it's finished.

Slot number 10 is a new start. It will be either TW Above the Clouds, Chatelaine Watergarden or Mirabilia Winter Queen, but I will choose when I reach the point. I feel like stitching all three of them, but don't want my rotation to get bigger than 10 slots, not counting the charity slots. It's already longer than I originally planned, so maybe another one of those new starts will replace Wisteria, when it's ready.

The whole rotation is around 2 months long. It's more than I actually wished for, but I can't come up with anything shorter and still include the pieces I want to work on. If it turns out that seeing my WIPs every two months is not enough (as I'm sure I would miss Catch the Wind too much, I added it twice to my rotation) I will have to cut the number of active WIPs and see them more often. But at least for now, I am going to try the longer version.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

I am a:

Your Type is INTJ

Introverted 78%
Intuitive 67%
Thinking 11%
Judging 11%

INTJ type description by D.Keirsey
INTJ type description by J. Butt and M.M. Heiss
Qualitative analysis of your type formula You are:
very expressed introvert
distinctively expressed intuitive personality
slightly expressed thinking personality
slightly expressed judging personality

Stitching is a good way to get to know more about oneself, sometimes in slightly unexpected ways, LOL. I have never heard of this test before, so I was glad to learn something new, and to get to know which personality type I am. The IN part was not new to me, that was what I expected, but the TJ part was new. It's not very expressed in my case, anyway.

I think it has a lot to do with the way I want to establish my rotation. I want something well-planned and relatively structured, but leaving me enough space for flexibility. We will see how I will like it. Anyway just thinking about my rotation is huge fun! It's like I don't know how to do it, do not consciusly think about it and then the next morning things begin to clarify. I think I am close to being finished (at least to my first rotation), I just need to rethink one more issue.


As I have mentioned before I wanted to continue riding a horse in Berlin. Well, it won't happen. I went to the only place that not only keeps private horses, but also teaches riding, only to get to know that without complete outfit they won't even let me try them out. I have never seen such snobs in my life! And the way the lady looked at my clothes, it was ridiculous. Of course I thanked and went back home. I am still grieving the idea of riding again, but at least I gave it a try. Maybe one day I will find a way, but it's not going to happen now.

Instead I am going to enroll at the gym tomorrow. I took a look at it today and liked it, so I hope I will still have fun at exercising. But of course, it's not horse riding, sigh...

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Wednsesday Weigh-In #1

77 kg

My 2004 Goals - Revisited

So here come my revisited goals:

• Being a good Mummy to Alizée
I think this goal is still valid. I am much more patient with her, I almost never get angry and even if, only for a short period of time and I do not get loud or aggressive, but now taking care of her brings new challanges. I need to make sure she has enough contact with other babies, that she spends enough time outside, that I spend enough quality time talking to her, playing small games, etc. What I need is consistence and taking care of thinks in advance (like e.g. enrolling us in Mommy and Me group before it's too late).
• Studying more regularly for my Masters
As I achieved my previous goal of getting the Bachelors diploma, I put a new goal in this slot. I would like to try studying more continuously. I suffered from procrastinating everything till the very last moment, and DH suffered as well. So now I would like to make things easier for all of us.
• Finding friends (preferably Mommies)
This goal is still valid. It's not easy for me to try to keep contact to ther people and talk to them regularly. I don't really know why I have such difficulties dealing with other human beings, but I have. I hope with time it's going to get easier and I will find more pleasure in it.
• Losing weight – ca. 20 kg (45 lbs)
I still need to lose ca. 20 kg until my ideal weight. I would be happy with 15 kg less, though and it's my realistic goal. I would like to lose around 3 kg per month, now that I do not breastfeed exclusively. I hope I will manage to achieve it. I am going to restart posting my eigh-in on Wednesdays, starting today with my weight of 77 kg.
• Establishing sport routine
Losing weight by dieting is not a good solution. I need to keep active to feel well and not depressive. Ideally I would practice sport every day, but at the moment I have no idea, how sould I go about it. My favorite sport is horse riding and I would like to do it once a week at the beggining. As it's not enough, I need some other form of activity, at least twice a week. I have to think what can be done, considering, that I won't have any more money for this, after paying for my horse riding. This is a very important goal and I have to solve this issue until end of August and establish a routine before my Masters begin in October.
• Getting MCSD certification
As I have more time to achieve this, I would only like to pass one exam, until the end of the year.
• Getting more organized
I got slightly better organized, but I need to continue the imrovement. Cleaning once a week, sport 3-5 times a week, keeping our rooms tidy, walking with Allie every day, learning systematically shpuld be enough to keep me happy.

Again I think that I should track my progress every month, or at least every two months. I think that October 1, should be a good date for it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

My 2004 Goals

In my other blog at TLOL I posted my goals for 2004. I wanted to track my progress on them every month, but didn't really do it regularly. I wanted to revise them some time in July, but July was so stressful I do not really blame myslef for not doing it. As the blog was supposed to be mainly about Alizée and not myself, it hasn't been updated lately. So I decided to transfer my golas to this blog, track my progress and revise them now. Who cares if I do it on July 1 or August 10?

**********My original goals**********
• Being a good Mummy to Alizée
I still get angry sometimes if she cries inconsolably. I know that it’s not her fault and I feel sorry for her, but if happens early in the morning when I fight to get some sleep, or late in the evening when I’m already very tired; I get annoyed. I even yelled at her a couple of times. I hate myself for being so annoyed with her and want to work on it. Except for that I feel OK at the moment in the role of Ali`s Mom. I enjoy the time I spend with her and taking care of her needs is OK for me as well. I just would like to have more patience with her, even when I’m tired.
• Getting a diploma
Well, it’s high time I did it at last. I have only two semesters left and I have to do it. I have wasted enough time already and I should start working harder on achieving this goal. This means for me that I have to prepare for 4 exams, which are on the 24th and 25th of January. This is (or should be) my top priority at the moment. If I don’t pass at the first try I can retake them in February/March. But it would mean another trip to Poland with Ali. And it’s really very difficult to travel with her by train in winter all alone. Now my Dad is going to drive us, but I can’t make him drive us every time, it’s over 550 km one way...So there is no other way to avoid the second trip, than to pass the exams on the first try... Just there are only 3 weeks left and I have barely opened the books. I need to start learning seriously.
• Finding friends (preferably Mommies)
I am not good at finding and keeping friends. I have been severely disappointed by people I considered my best friends and find it very difficult to trust others now. I want to work on changing this. Usually I feel OK just with myself, with Ali and DH, but sometimes I crave talking to other people. I guess if I want it I have to forget my prejudices and start taking care of people around me. There are some potential friends out there with whom I can imagine I could socialize; I just should start taking care of them more. At least I should answer their mails sooner than after a month LOL. And I should call them from time to time at least, even if the telephone is nit actually my favorite means of communication...
• Losing weight – ca. 25 kg (55 lbs)
This goal is obvious. If I forget it the big mirror in our bedroom should remind me about it. And I should remember the cool clothes in the newest OTTO catalogue LOL.
• Getting MCSD certification
Needed for my job in January 2005. They were kind enough to forget about them when I was pregnant, but when I come back, there will be no excuse and no time to actually take them, so if I want to keep my job I have to get this bloody certification. Point.
• Getting more organized
No, I don’t want to compete with Flylady, I just want to tame the chaos a little bit... I forget things so easily. I forget Alizée’s vitamin D more often than not... Our apartment is most often a total mess. I never ever learn systematically. I know I can’t change myself 100% (it wouldn’t be me any more...), but taming the chaos a bit could do a lot already. It seams that when I start working on something and see some success I immediately relapse in other field. I will restart writing my holy lists of To Dos and will review them every day. It worked in the past, before I got pregnant, maybe it is going to work for me now.

*************My progress*********************
• Being a good Mummy to Alizée
Hopefully I am a good Mummy. I got more patient, I spend as much time with her as possible. I could do more here, she need more interaction with other children, some kind of baby "sport", and I haven't even found time or energy to enroll us in any Mommy and me group. I hope I will do better here.
• Getting a diploma
Yay! I did it! I have a Bachelor in Business Administration and a straight A on my diploma!
• Finding friends (preferably Mommies)
Getting better at it. I called Natalia immediately after coming back home and will meet her today, will try to keep contackt with Marta as well. My issues here did not diminish and I'm not very happy with this field, but I see some progress here.
• Losing weight – ca. 25 kg (55 lbs)
I did very bad here. After making good progress until April, I screwed badly and now weigh 9 ponuds more than in April. Obviously this goal needs retuning, there is no way I can still keep it in original form, but I hope to restart working on it.
• Getting MCSD certification
I did nothing towards this goal, but as I'm not coming back to work in January, I got more time to accomplish it.
• Getting more organized
Well, the house doesn't look bad at all, but admittedly it's DH who keeps it clean. I need to work on this one much harder, I am starting my Masters in October and will need more organizational skills to get everything work smoothely.

Monday, August 09, 2004

My StRIP List

To be updated as I come across forgotten projects. I know my stash is not huge and I have a human number of WIPs, but I am now on the Wagon for good. It was supposed to last until autumn, but now as I want to ride a horse again I need to cut drastically my other spending. This will include cross-stitch in the first place, as I have enough to stitch at least till the end of the year. Maybe then I will be able to spend some money on it again. Except for cross-stitching I am going to save money by not buying any sweets, rolls, etc. They money I save this way should be enough fpr horse-riding actually. If not I will try to cut my spending further.

1. French Mystery Garden 20%
2. Weeping Wisteria 80%
3. Dimensions Cottage Entchantment 15%
4. Dimensions Nature's Beauties 8%
5. MLI Catch The Wind 20%
6. Heritage Great Expectations 7%
7. Ornie RR 1/7
8. My own ornie 10%
9. Hummingbird 90%
10. Blue Hardanger tabletop 8%
11. DMC Flowers 2%

1. Autumn Cottage
2. Beatrix Potter Birth Announcement

1. DT Prairie Garden
2. Chatelaine Watergarden
3. TW Above the Clouds
4. TW Castle Ridge
5. Mirabilia Winter Queen
6. Charity squares
7. Isa Vautier Coeurs (x 4)
8. EMS Sleepy Kitty
9. EMS Blue Motifs
10. Cream Hardanger tabletop
11-12. M. Powell Venice x 2
13-14. AOY Minis x 2
15. TW Christmas Ornaments
16. DMC Computer Whiz
17. DMC Sunflower Ed
18. JN Remeberance

Welcome to my little world

This is not my first blog, but this time I am going to keep updating it regularly. I do feel the need to document certain things going on in my life. Although it's nothing major, comparing to the normal state of chaos in my life, I still think it's well worth rembering and maybe writing my thoughts and feeling down is going to help me make better decisions.

I used to keep a blog at TLOL, but less and less people read it and it's only devoted to motherhood. I do not feel like writing about Alizée so much any more, she is the apple of my eye, but I do not have many problems or dilemmas concerning her upbringing. I guess this too will change with time, but at the moment I need to find my new self and this new self needs to be more than just a SAHM.

Plus what I really want to document is my stitching. I am really curious how much I stitch, why things work or do not work out, etc. I need to establish and then tweak my rotation and hope that taking notes is going to help me. I would like to extend it to my studies, soprt activities, and my personal goals.

Oh, I alomost forgot ranting and venting. That's another important role of my blog.

All in all, I guess it's going to be awfully boring. But then I like my life to be boring. I had a couple of really interesting years in my life and maybe the time will come when I will feel lke writing about them, but at the moment, I am just enjoying things like they are.