Saturday, August 14, 2004


As I have mentioned before I wanted to continue riding a horse in Berlin. Well, it won't happen. I went to the only place that not only keeps private horses, but also teaches riding, only to get to know that without complete outfit they won't even let me try them out. I have never seen such snobs in my life! And the way the lady looked at my clothes, it was ridiculous. Of course I thanked and went back home. I am still grieving the idea of riding again, but at least I gave it a try. Maybe one day I will find a way, but it's not going to happen now.

Instead I am going to enroll at the gym tomorrow. I took a look at it today and liked it, so I hope I will still have fun at exercising. But of course, it's not horse riding, sigh...


Blogger MysteryKnitter said...

One step at a time.

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