Wednesday, August 11, 2004

My 2004 Goals - Revisited

So here come my revisited goals:

• Being a good Mummy to Alizée
I think this goal is still valid. I am much more patient with her, I almost never get angry and even if, only for a short period of time and I do not get loud or aggressive, but now taking care of her brings new challanges. I need to make sure she has enough contact with other babies, that she spends enough time outside, that I spend enough quality time talking to her, playing small games, etc. What I need is consistence and taking care of thinks in advance (like e.g. enrolling us in Mommy and Me group before it's too late).
• Studying more regularly for my Masters
As I achieved my previous goal of getting the Bachelors diploma, I put a new goal in this slot. I would like to try studying more continuously. I suffered from procrastinating everything till the very last moment, and DH suffered as well. So now I would like to make things easier for all of us.
• Finding friends (preferably Mommies)
This goal is still valid. It's not easy for me to try to keep contact to ther people and talk to them regularly. I don't really know why I have such difficulties dealing with other human beings, but I have. I hope with time it's going to get easier and I will find more pleasure in it.
• Losing weight – ca. 20 kg (45 lbs)
I still need to lose ca. 20 kg until my ideal weight. I would be happy with 15 kg less, though and it's my realistic goal. I would like to lose around 3 kg per month, now that I do not breastfeed exclusively. I hope I will manage to achieve it. I am going to restart posting my eigh-in on Wednesdays, starting today with my weight of 77 kg.
• Establishing sport routine
Losing weight by dieting is not a good solution. I need to keep active to feel well and not depressive. Ideally I would practice sport every day, but at the moment I have no idea, how sould I go about it. My favorite sport is horse riding and I would like to do it once a week at the beggining. As it's not enough, I need some other form of activity, at least twice a week. I have to think what can be done, considering, that I won't have any more money for this, after paying for my horse riding. This is a very important goal and I have to solve this issue until end of August and establish a routine before my Masters begin in October.
• Getting MCSD certification
As I have more time to achieve this, I would only like to pass one exam, until the end of the year.
• Getting more organized
I got slightly better organized, but I need to continue the imrovement. Cleaning once a week, sport 3-5 times a week, keeping our rooms tidy, walking with Allie every day, learning systematically shpuld be enough to keep me happy.

Again I think that I should track my progress every month, or at least every two months. I think that October 1, should be a good date for it.


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