Saturday, August 14, 2004

My new rotation

My new rotation:
1. MLI Catch the Wind
2. French Mystery Garden

3. Dimensions Nature's Beauties
4. Weeping Wisteria

5. Isa Vautier Coeaur Nounours (new start)
6. MLI Catch the Wind

7. Heritage Great Expectations
8. Blue Hardanger tabletop

9. Dimensions Cottage Entchantment
10. A new start (TW, Mirabilia, Chatelaine)

My rotation song has a refrain. Every two pieces comes a charity slot. Main pieces get 3-5 days of attention, depending on how long I wish to stitch on them, how much stitching time I got on those days and how quickly I want a piece finished.

Charity slot is 1-3 days long. I am going to add it every two pieces to make sure I actually get enough charity pieces finished.

Days when I get no stitching done, or less than 30 minutes do not count at all, other days count as day, regardless how much time I was able to stitch. I am not keen on counting exact time I stitch and I don't think it's possible at all. E. g. when I stitch in front of the tv, I don't know how much time I really devote to stitching and how much to watching. So it's easier for me to count days instead.

Number 5 is not really a planned new start, but it's there to make sure I have enough smaller pieces for myself. I have many smallish projects, but they all go to charity and I would like to have some HD just for myself every now and then. So slot 5 is reserved for smaller pieces, that can be done within several rotations.

Slot number 2 is reserved for either mysteries or for samplers. I will decide after I've finished my mystery garden if there is something that I would really like to stitch among the free projects on French pages and if not I think this could be a spot for DT Prairie Garden.
Weeping Wisteria is the closest to being finished and I will replace it with either another existing WIP or a new start, depending on the state of my rotation, when it's finished.

Slot number 10 is a new start. It will be either TW Above the Clouds, Chatelaine Watergarden or Mirabilia Winter Queen, but I will choose when I reach the point. I feel like stitching all three of them, but don't want my rotation to get bigger than 10 slots, not counting the charity slots. It's already longer than I originally planned, so maybe another one of those new starts will replace Wisteria, when it's ready.

The whole rotation is around 2 months long. It's more than I actually wished for, but I can't come up with anything shorter and still include the pieces I want to work on. If it turns out that seeing my WIPs every two months is not enough (as I'm sure I would miss Catch the Wind too much, I added it twice to my rotation) I will have to cut the number of active WIPs and see them more often. But at least for now, I am going to try the longer version.


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