Monday, August 09, 2004

My StRIP List

To be updated as I come across forgotten projects. I know my stash is not huge and I have a human number of WIPs, but I am now on the Wagon for good. It was supposed to last until autumn, but now as I want to ride a horse again I need to cut drastically my other spending. This will include cross-stitch in the first place, as I have enough to stitch at least till the end of the year. Maybe then I will be able to spend some money on it again. Except for cross-stitching I am going to save money by not buying any sweets, rolls, etc. They money I save this way should be enough fpr horse-riding actually. If not I will try to cut my spending further.

1. French Mystery Garden 20%
2. Weeping Wisteria 80%
3. Dimensions Cottage Entchantment 15%
4. Dimensions Nature's Beauties 8%
5. MLI Catch The Wind 20%
6. Heritage Great Expectations 7%
7. Ornie RR 1/7
8. My own ornie 10%
9. Hummingbird 90%
10. Blue Hardanger tabletop 8%
11. DMC Flowers 2%

1. Autumn Cottage
2. Beatrix Potter Birth Announcement

1. DT Prairie Garden
2. Chatelaine Watergarden
3. TW Above the Clouds
4. TW Castle Ridge
5. Mirabilia Winter Queen
6. Charity squares
7. Isa Vautier Coeurs (x 4)
8. EMS Sleepy Kitty
9. EMS Blue Motifs
10. Cream Hardanger tabletop
11-12. M. Powell Venice x 2
13-14. AOY Minis x 2
15. TW Christmas Ornaments
16. DMC Computer Whiz
17. DMC Sunflower Ed
18. JN Remeberance


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