Thursday, August 19, 2004

Rotation and loads of work

I have finishied slot 1 and 2 in my rotation and enjoyed stitching on them a lot. At the moment I wouldn't change anything in my rotation but the way till the end of Round 1 is still very long, so we will see at the end. I would just love to incorporate my waiting pieces into the rotation and I have only a slot for one new start. Weeping Wisteria is the piece which is closest to being finished, so maybe after I have finished its slot, I will decide to make it a focus piece or do a finishing frenzy on it. Then I could have a new start in the next rotation without making it larger.

Yesterday I barely got any stitching time at all. I didn't even count it as a day in my rotation. It was definitely less than 30 minutes and I will have to unstitch it anyway. I started a small Flower Fairy design from a free kit and changed the fabby to 14 ct Aida (the original was 16 ct), then I noticed the floss is not enough, grrrhhh. I wanted to stitch this design from the delivered floss, without having to search for additional floss. I'm not sure yet, if I will continue stitching on it and find new floss or stitch something else, instead first and come back to it later on. I like the design, so maybe I will just see if I have the floss needed in my stash central and eventually substitute the floss I don't have with some other colours.

Yesterday was a hard day in general. I went to my gym in the morning and took a course in fatburner. It was really hard and I couldn't quite follow the steps, but it was my first time, so I guess it can only get better with time. Then I had my second hour with a trainer.

After coming back home I got a phone call from a journalist writing about my charity project in the newspaper in my home town. The artical is supposed to be published today, so there was really very little time to get everything done, including scanning my photo, obtaining the OK to publish the photos of finished quilts from the people who sewn them, answer the journalist's question, etc. I only worked on that from 1 p.m. till 7 p.m. I was so happy when she had everything she wanted, but so tired in the same time!

In the evening I managed to get some more work for my charity project done. The list of children is almost completely ready, I just need to update the webpage and the majority of the work will be done. At least of the work that has been waititng since May, there will still be enough to do for the current quilts.


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