Monday, August 09, 2004

Welcome to my little world

This is not my first blog, but this time I am going to keep updating it regularly. I do feel the need to document certain things going on in my life. Although it's nothing major, comparing to the normal state of chaos in my life, I still think it's well worth rembering and maybe writing my thoughts and feeling down is going to help me make better decisions.

I used to keep a blog at TLOL, but less and less people read it and it's only devoted to motherhood. I do not feel like writing about Alizée so much any more, she is the apple of my eye, but I do not have many problems or dilemmas concerning her upbringing. I guess this too will change with time, but at the moment I need to find my new self and this new self needs to be more than just a SAHM.

Plus what I really want to document is my stitching. I am really curious how much I stitch, why things work or do not work out, etc. I need to establish and then tweak my rotation and hope that taking notes is going to help me. I would like to extend it to my studies, soprt activities, and my personal goals.

Oh, I alomost forgot ranting and venting. That's another important role of my blog.

All in all, I guess it's going to be awfully boring. But then I like my life to be boring. I had a couple of really interesting years in my life and maybe the time will come when I will feel lke writing about them, but at the moment, I am just enjoying things like they are.


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