Friday, September 17, 2004

How big is your plate?

Thank you Annette for this great question.

My plate is a standard size dinner plate. It's pale blue with a modern dark blue design, which you never get to see anyway, as the plate is usually full...

Some years ago I noticed that I usually tend to achieve ca. 75% of my goals. No matter how many I set. So I have started setting lots of goals, just to achieve more. It usually works well for me. Sometimes things do slip though and life gets more difficult.

The most of my plate at the moment is occupied by my family. DD and DH are definitely the wto most important people in my life and I spend most of my time caring for them. Well, at least for DD. I'm not good at housework and do not spend enough time on it, there's definitely a lot of place for an improvement here.

My second most important zone is my charity project. It has overgrown the allocated space immensly and is now reaching the family property, my me time property and hanging over the endge of the plate. What I started as a small cross-stitching and quilting project has now well over hundred stitchers and over 20 quilters involved. It has been covered by local tv, nation wide radio station, many local newspapers and some women's magazines (including stitching ones). Whereas I am proud and happy that it has been growing so well, more and more often I feel guilty about it. I SHOULD be devoting more time to it. I SHOULD be keeping the website more actual. I SHOULD take care of this and that, bring new ideas, solve problems, get everything done in time. And I don't, so I feel guilty. Great. I know things should change here, especially as on Oct 9 my school starts and I will have even less time. And my wishful thinking that maybe then I will have done most of the things and will have less to do is just that. Wishful thinking. Keeping this project up is a part time job, I'm not sure if I'm willing to do it forever. But no matter what I am willing or not willing to do, there's no one who would take it over, so I have to continue doing it. All I can do is to think about making things easier and quicker for me. At least here I can whine about it and I won't hear "YOu should be happy it's been growing so well" immediately. I am so fed up with hearing what I should from people who do NOTHING, except for critisizing.

Next part of the plate is school. At the moment I am between my Bachelor's and Mater's studies, so I enjoy not having to work for school, but it's coming back soon enough and I would like to repeat some material before the school starts. I am going to devote at least 1 hour per day until October to reading.

Another part is me and my hobbies. Of course cross-stitching. Horse riding, when I can do it. Reading, when I find time (recently not at all). There's not much to say about those, except that I have too little time for them at the moment and I'm not happy about it. The most recent discovery are my first trials at designing, here's an example: My ornie
It's not as pretty as I would like it to be, but it's mine, from scratch.

On the edge, there are my cats, all 9 of them. I do not enjoy breeding as much as I did before getting pg with DD, but I guess it will come back with time. It has been mostly DH who has been caring for them and somehow I slightly lost the band I had with my cats. I'm sure it's going to come back, though. We just need time and better organization.

To stay sane I need to walk. I go for walks with DD for at least 1,5 hours a day, usually much longer and I love it! I couldn't live without walking, walking, walking. The fields, the forest, the meadows, I just love them. I wish we yould live somewhere in the mountains, this would make even more fun.

I think that would be it.


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