Thursday, September 02, 2004

Wednesday Weigh-In #4

76,7 kg.

Back to square 1. I haven't been to the gym for one week, have been eating like crazy (sweets, sweets and sweets) and AF is here big time.

Now, you know. I feel fat and ugly and would love to stay in bed the whole day. I have had such a bad week, although in the end everything worked out and I was able to enroll at the university (I don't know yet if I will be accepted, they are going to let everyone know at Sep 8th, but the lady said that with my grades I should be accepted without any problems). But the stress, AF and a small cold resulted in such a bad mood that I have been eating sweets by packages.

I will have to start my journey once more. How I hate when it happens!!! There must be a way to stop this stress related feeding!

And I just got to know that there's not going to be any Mommy & Me group until January. I feel DD needs some kind of contact with other babies and maybe some exercise to help her developpment. I will have to look at other providers, although they all get their money cut (Berlin is in big financial trouble) so it might turn out to be really difficult...


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