Wednesday, October 06, 2004

And the last one...

DD's photos

DD's photos

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

September 27
Would you or have you designed your own cross stitch design? If you have can we see it?

Yes, I actually did. It's a wintery picture/ornie:

Snowflower - my first design.

There were even a couple of people who asked for the chart, it was really nice. If you want a copy, please, let me know and I will be happy to send you.

My next design is going to be an underwater sampler. I already have a vague idea how it is going to look like, but I haven't started yet. Most probabely I won't in the next time, as I would like to stitch Catch the Wind and Christmas Heirloom Sampler for the exhibition in the Textile Museum in Lodz first. Then I am going to take some time and work on it. I would like to use some DMC and some Vikki Clayton silks in it, and maybe even a bit of ribbon. Designing makes so much fun!

October 04
Thread organization: plastic bobbins, yes or no? How do you organize your threads?

My threads are mainly in Floss Away bags. I am not oatient enough to wind them on bobbins, I have tried and hated doing it, so decided: why bother? My project threads are on project cards (mainly, some are just in bags). I like how neatly bobbin boxes look like and how little space they take, but I can't even imagine rewinding so many skins. So I guess I will stick to my lazy method, as long as it contunues working for me.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Head cold...

I have a nasty cold (it seems to be a norm among stitchers). DH and DD are not well either. I haven't been sick for ages, but as I am going to the university on Saturday, it simply HAD TO happen, sigh. I only hope DD won't get very sick, we are travelling to Poland next Monday and I can't move this trip (the TV and other things that need to get done).

I am still waiting for the supplies for the Christmas Heirloom Sampler to arrive. I would love to start it immediately, but have to practice patience. It may happen that not everything arrives before our trip to Poland. But then I will take my charity squares with me (and possibly the ornie) and will have those finished.

I am progressing nicely on Catch the Wind. Being sick has good sides, too.