Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Head cold...

I have a nasty cold (it seems to be a norm among stitchers). DH and DD are not well either. I haven't been sick for ages, but as I am going to the university on Saturday, it simply HAD TO happen, sigh. I only hope DD won't get very sick, we are travelling to Poland next Monday and I can't move this trip (the TV and other things that need to get done).

I am still waiting for the supplies for the Christmas Heirloom Sampler to arrive. I would love to start it immediately, but have to practice patience. It may happen that not everything arrives before our trip to Poland. But then I will take my charity squares with me (and possibly the ornie) and will have those finished.

I am progressing nicely on Catch the Wind. Being sick has good sides, too.


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