Monday, November 29, 2004

Blogging in English

First of all, Isabelle, thanks for your comment! I liked your blog as well, and surely I will lurk more often.

I am neither German nor come from an English-speaking country. I am Polish :) I live in Germany at the moment and I speak German at home with DH, so I'm kinda fed up with German LOL. I like it, I'm fluent, but I don't really like writing in German and I feel I have enough contact with it (TV, books, talking, etc.)

I could of course blog in Polsih and I did a little bit. But it was not a good idea. When I was still having my charity project I wanted to vent about things often and I couldn't in Polish, because everything I said was seen as an attack on my very own project. But I still needed to write and think aloud, and I didn't know the people to know about my personal problems, because I was afraid of them using it against me. And they did in the very end, but because of things I said personally to one person I trusted... So it was really clever not to tell them about the blog, as at least I can feel safe now here.

And I chose English, also because I love BBoards and wanted to connect with my friends from the boards in this way. I enjoy reading other stitching blogs and I like the feeling that someone is reading mine LOL. So I think I'll keep blogging in English (even if it really needs re-brushing), because I really enjoy it and I feel safe this way.

I could blog in Polsih now, that the project is not in my hands any more, but then I also left the stitching forum, so no reason to change anything.


Blogger tweezle said...

Hi Gosia! It's really neat reading your blog. We have a bit in common. My maternal grandparents are both from Poland. They immigrated here to the US,when they were children. My father is part German and my hubby is German as well. My grandparents wouldn't teach us Polish - they kept it between themselves so they could talk without the children understanding. The only thing I learned besides titles of grandparents, etc was "Ja cie kohum" I'm not sure if that's spelled correctly, but I think you may be able to figure it out :-)

Thanks for stopping by my page. I'm adding you to my favorites and will be back to read often. Looking forward to getting to know more about you!!

Have a great day!

2:12 AM  
Blogger Isabelle said...

Hi Gosia! Thanks so much for explaining it all, this is fascinating.

You must be very skilled in languages :) Your English was so good and sounded so natural I thought you were an expat American or something... Like Renée (blondelibrarian)! And then you're living in Germany...

The great thing with blogging in English is that you can reach to more people... That's why I decided to write mine in English. Although not long ago, I've also decided to write a French version ;)

I understand your qualms about your blog being read and taken advantage of... This is why I'm rather reluctant to being personal on mine - I don't want the wrong people to pry into my life...

9:11 PM  
Blogger Kaya said...

Hello, Gosia~

I know that this is an older post but I'm going back into your archives to catch up. I am enjoying it very much and have really enjoyed getting to know you here as well as through email. I have to say I'm very glad you did decide to write here in English :) Thanks as well for the comments on my page. Talk soon~


3:04 AM  

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