Thursday, November 18, 2004

Good times for a change

Today was a good day. DD was a perfect baby and I really had fun. I met a Polish Mommy living in Berlin, I knew only from E-mails. I think we are going to like each other and already decided to meet every Thursday. She even stitches and loves horseback riding LOL.

Like always, I talked to much on the first "date". I usually do, when I'm slightly nervous LOL. I hope she doesn't mind that much and will notice, that it's not the ordinary me. I usually talk much less. She has a very nice daughter and DD and K. played really nicely together (well, as nicely as a 12-month old and a 16-month old can do). Anyway there were no tears on both sides, which is a huge achievement. K. pretended to feed DD and DD was laughing and pretended she was eating. It was really fun to watch. I think it's also very good for DD, as she tried to copy K. I think she enjoyed our stay at their place a lot.

I also enjoyed the conversation. She is very intelligent and is doing her PhD in history of culture. She is slightly older, but not as much that it makes a gap between us. And anyway I like being the younger, so I really hope it's going to work, both for me and DD.

I do not make friends easily and it really takes a special person to make click for me, so I hope she does like me as well :) Now I only have to convince her that I do not talk that much usually :)


Blogger Kiwi Jo said...

Sounds like a great day for both you and your DD. And you get to do it every week!! I hope you have a great weekend. Jo

12:44 PM  

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