Sunday, November 14, 2004

Maybe not?

At the moment I decided to continue blogging here. It's my home, even if I'm alone here and no one ver reads it.

Actually I was inspired by what Rachel wrote about her marriage. I think that I need to write about such things more. First, because DH and my friends do not and will not read this blog (they don't even know it exists) and second because I have to in the end TALK to someone, even if it's just talking to myself.

But I leave it for later on, at the moment life is OK.

Thank's to Stacy's help I managed to solve the problem with four sided stitches and although they are far from perfect, they do not bother me any more. I have found the joy of working on the HCS again. I might try to take pictures of some of my WIPs and post them here.

Another positive is my weight loss journey. Yeas, I started it again, I was starting with a whopping 79 kg (174 lbs) and I am now down to 74 kg (163 lbs). I still have a very long way to go, as I aim for under 60 kg (132 lbs), which is my pre-marriage weight. It is still 15 kg (over 30 lbs) to go, but at least I am making progress on my route. I hope this time I will not fall back into the old eating patterns.

This time we are both trying to lose wieght (DH and me). We are doing the South Beach diet and it seems to be OK. DH is more happy with it, I crave the carbs much much more (we are still in Phase 1), but I think I will make it through until Phase 2. I know the wight loss then is not so great any more, but I hope to lose 1 kg per week approx and be at my target weight in March/April. It would be great, I think if I really manage I am going to go clothes shopping. At the moment I hate buying clothes. Whatever I see that I like, it looks awfull on me, and I am not working anyway, so I wear what I have and buy only if I really, really have to. Which means very rarely. I already like thinking about indulging myself in new clothes LOL. Clothes that actually fit and look good on me LOL. I still have a good motivation and I am trying not to cheat even a litrle bit and hope it is going to work this time.


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