Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Procrastinating big time

Today was a better day as far as my mood is concerned. On the other hand, except for cleaning the bedroom, I didn't do anything at all. No learning, no stitching, nothing. I read a book, that's all. Again I feel guilty, because I should be devoting my 3 hours a day to HCS and it was already less yesterday and today none. I will try to put at least an hour into it, when I'm ready with the boards and blog.

I decided finally I am not going to Warsaw to take part in the TV show. DH is not willing to stay with DD for 4 days in a row, and the TV is not willing to pay the full cost of the tickets to fly there. So, they have to manage without me. Not that I was eager in the beggining, but in a way it's a pity. I wanted to see how such a show is made and the moderators seemed very nice and really interested in what we are doing. Anyway I now have to help to find a third person to take part in it, which might turn out to be difficult. We will see, I feel better now, the decision is made, even if I had a slight hope, DH will change his mind.

Tomorrow I am going to the gym, after 5 weeks away (holiday + cold), I'm quite sure, it's going to be difficult. I have to rebuilt the condition though, I'm quite sure I will feel much better (like I did in the summer).

Except for that I have been surfing the Net, looking for charts and kits I wish for Christmas. As the CCs will not be arriving any time soon, there is no change my orders arrive in time for Christmas, but still it makes fun to choose and drool over patterns. I am making my wish list now and when the cards arrive, I will only have to go through it and pick some. I hope it's going to happen soon.

Jo, thanks for your comment :) It definitely did cheer me up.


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