Sunday, November 21, 2004

Somehow better

Today is slightly better, we do talk, even if it's only about everyday stuff.

To compensate I had again problems with my charity project. It was on a false days, as I barely slept at all (DD got up before 5 am) and was in a bad mood from the verys morning. Putting it in short I gave up my leadership to someone else and not it's not my project any more. I think that dealing with the probkems from February until now is enough, I will gladly let someone else solve them. The girl is not 100% sure she wants it, she will let me know tomorrow. I hope she does accept, as I really have enough. I have enough personal problems to deal with and someone else will be better in my place.

And now on to stitching as I didn't get any stitching time yesterday (was too upset by the quarrel).


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