Wednesday, November 24, 2004

State of War

Unfortunately my charity project turned out into a War. I gave up a part of the responsibility on the Nov 1st and already on the 24th, they changed all the passwords, so that I cannot access them. Somehow I find it even funny and a very good lesson for the future, not to give the passwords to anyone. Once more I got it proven that it's not a good idea, to trust people.

Anyway I still kept the password for the website and they cannot access it. So now, we have a clinch, no one can do anything without the other side. Rather funny, if it wasn't for the work and my heart invested in this project, but we will sea what happens in the future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm writing from the Netherlands (, which you visited). Not so far away. Reading your blog, you don't sound very happy... But it's a great result to drop so much weight.
Wish you good luck and very good stitching!
Greetings from Holland

4:45 PM  

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