Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

November 22, 2004

Hand-dyed fabrics - love 'em or hate 'em? If you love them, what kind/colours do you have?

I'm not really sure yet if I will like stitching on the, as I have never tried. But I'm going to try them out soon. I have three pieces on my wish list at the moment. Two are SMF faabies. They are Sun Dappled Glade for Dracolair Creations Dawn Awakening and Thunder for Midnight Hunting. They are not my own choices, I''ve stolen the choices from Asa, because I really liked how the draggies tunred out on them. I think I will feel more confident in choosing hand-dyed fabbie, when I have actually stitched something on it.

The third one will be for Lanarte's Three Champions. I am not yet sure, what I'm going to choose, but it might me SMF Potpourri. I would like a fourth piece also for the Underwater Sampler I am designing, but I'm not really sure if hand-dyed wouldn't be too busy in this case. A plain pale blue might be better for it. I will decide on the fabbie when I'm done with desiging it and it's still a very long way. I have no time or motivation at the moment to start working on it again.

In general I find hand-dyed fabbies really beautiful and of course would like to have maaaany LOL. But as it really is very expensive, I don't think I am going to collect it, unless I suddenly get rich.


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