Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

November 29, 2004

Do you know it all or is there something out in the stitching world you still want to know how to do?

I can't even imagine knowing it all. There are so many different stitches, so many different techniques I have never seen, not to mention trying.

At the moment I think I would like to try stumpwork. And, and, and... I know I have to dely learning completely new techniques until I have mpre time again. It would simply eat up too much of my stitching time and I wouldn't get anything done, but one day, I will surely do it. I still have plenty of time.

At the moment I am just enjoying a little bit more advanced pieces, like Heirloom Christmas Sampler with different kind of specialty stitches, drwn thread, etc. I find the diagramms easy to follow. So I think for the moment I will stay with dofferent kind of counted thread. I would also like to stitch something with different kinds of filling stitches. I have seen a couple of things that really do appeal to me (like Genny Morrow's Nova for example) but they tend to be really expensive and I cannot afford such a huge project at the moment. But sooner or later I will try something like that out.


Blogger Mia said...

Gosia, thank you for reading my blog. I never thought to try hardanger on scrap before. I may have to make that a 2005 stitching resolution to get over the fear of "the cut". LOL I will add you to my blog also. I like your blog too. I will be here often. :) Have a great day.

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