Sunday, December 19, 2004

Heirloom Christmas Sampler Happy Dance!!

Yes I actually finished the beading two days ago!! I'm really happy about this finish, it's the first big one this year.

I just felt sort of post-completion depression and didn't feel like stitching a lot yesterday and today. And I really need to get going, as I only have two weeks more school-free and 4 more things that need finishing. So I better start working on them. Still, I am really happy that I got at least one of those finished still this year.

Sorry, no pictures at the moment, because the computer, where the camera and scanner are hooked died a couple of days ago. DH thinks it needs a completely new motherboard, so we have to decide, if we are getting just a motherboard, or a new motherboard + processor. So it may take a couple of days, but there will be a picture, I promise.


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