Friday, December 10, 2004

Non-stitching WIPs

I have two non-stitching WIPs now, one is "The big Year 2004 Review" and the other one is "Year 2005 Planning" LOL. I think I am also going to copy WhizGidget "State of the Stitching" idea and make something like that for the end of the year.

But the review and the planning are going to be about more than just stitching. 2004 was a very difficult and challanging year, but I hope to have learnt my lessons. I also hope next year is going to be easier, I am going to take a breath and invest more in myself and my family. The lesson with my charity project was hard and painful and for the time being I am not planning on any charity work at all. I guess one year off is going to be a good idea and will let me enough time to think about the way I want to do something. Definitely it's going to be something small and private. So do not watch for charity squares in 2005 LOL, there won't be many, if at all.

Maybe if I concentrate on my private goals more, I will be able to achieve more progress. I have noticed that organising the project did suck a lot of ressources. I kept thinking about it 24 hours a day and constantly worried about people, quilts, conflicts, whatever. When I gave up I still had moments of thinking about those things, but the realised it's not my problem any more. Suddenly I had ressources to think about other things. I made a huge progress on HCS. I started planning my thesis. I learnt more and with more pleasure and starter pursuing my private goals more consciously. So at the moment I think that's the way to go for me.

I would also like to stitch for my family more. No one has anything stitched by me, except for one small picture I made for DH 3 years ago. I think I should change that, and at least make something for my Mom, DD and DH. Maybe also for the rest of my family. I am also going to make another attempt to contact my in-laws. They have never seen me, not mentioning our DD. I think it's really high time to make up, maybe I could attach a hand-made ornie to the Merry Christmas package we are going to send to them, maybe this could prove them they were wrong in judging me, before they ever talked to me... Maybe also the photos of DD could make a change, she's really a sweetie pie. If not, then I don't know what else could make them rethink their choices.

So those are the things that are going to keep me occupied in my school-free time. Finihing HCS, ornamentifying my 10 stitched ornies, preparing the package for in-laws, writing the Year 2004 Review and Year 2005 Goals and Planning.

Most probabely I won't have much to do for Christmas, because my parents won't be able to make it here :( My Dad has to work day after Christmas and it would be too much for him to travel just for 2 days :( They are going to visit later in January, but it's not the same...


Blogger Kaya said...

Gosia, I really need to follow your lead here. I've avoided new year's resolutions for a couple of years but I think this is to year to set out, not resolutions, but more realistic "goals" for myself and where I'd like to be in a year. Thanks for the spark :)

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