Sunday, December 19, 2004

Year 2004 in Stitches

Most of my WIPs and finishes can be seen in my photo album.

I re-started stitching after giving birth to DD already in January. I stitched a couple of squares for SOLAK and was hooked again.

Then in March I stitched an All Our Yesterdays picture for DD's room and was even more hooked :) Then Sunset's Cottage Entchantment got started and then I discovered the BBs and a completely new world opened for me.

Altogether I had some finishes in 2004, although as always not as many as I would wish:

12 charity quilt squares
1 friendship exchange square
5 Christmas ornies from my ornie RR
5 other Christmas ornies
Isa Vautier Coeur de Chat
DMC Bubble birthday picture for my friend's son's first birthday
UFO A cat for all seasons - started in 2002
Victoria Sampler Heirloom Christmas Sampler - started November 2004

Except for maybe one more ornie, I do not see any more HDs coming this year.

So year 2005 will see my with

WOCS Hummingbird (90%) - started March 2002
Beatrix Potter Storybook Sampler as DD's birthdays sampler (25%) (I stitched on it during the pregnancy and I still cannot even see it without getting nauseated again, and I already partially dekitted it, sigh) - started June 2003
Autumn Cottage from a WOCS calendar (60%)- started in 2002
DMC In the Meadow (just a couple of stitches in, have to decide if I keep or dekit it) - started September 2004

regular WIPs
Sunset Cottage Entchantment - started May 2004
Dimensions Nature's Beauties - started June 2004
Heritage Great Expectations - started June 2004
Blue Hardanger Tabletop - started April 2004

WIPs awaiting a quick HD
French Mystery Garden - started June 2004
Weeping Wisteria - started April 2004
MLI Catch the Wind - started June 2004
Just Nan Flowers of Joy - started October 2004

I hope that the quick-finish WIPs will get finished either in January or in February, as they logically belong to the year 2004. I am going to keep my mini-rotation until those 4 are finished and then move to the regular rotation with a focus piece (one or two actually).

All in all it has been a good year, especially keeping in mind that all the stitching was done during my baby's first year. I still hope that 2005 is going to be even better. DD is bogger now, she needs slightly less attention and lets me do some stitching while watching her. I am still staying at home (I will be coming back to my work in February 2006) and although a lot of time is going to be taken by my Master's thesis, I am going to try to keep procrastination at the minimum and get as much stitching time as possible.

My 2005 stitching goals are going to follow soon.


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