Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Thank you!

Thank you so much for cheering me up :) I think it is partially seasonal, I usually feel more down in winter, but not always that much, thanks God! I guess I really do feel disappointed with myslef at not getting that present from DH, much more than I wanted to admit. Well, don't count chickens before they hatch LOL.

I picked up Watergarden and got some stitches in. Not much, but at least noticeable, I hope I will continue to improve slowly.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Not doing good...

First of all, this entry is going to be mainly whining. Please be warned upfront.

I have not been doing good recently. My End-of-the-Year bad mood somehow muted into I'm-here-to-stay depression, sigh. I feel like a failure and I act like a failure. I haven't even set any goals for the year, because I feel that I'm going to be a failure at them anyway. I haven't been to the gym for 3 months and of course we are still paying for that. I cannot get myself together enough to pack my things and just GO. I can see the gym from my windows, so it's really not like travelling to the other side of Earth. On Saturday I got merely a B for the project and didn't finish the test, because I couldn't concentrate properly. I still expect to pass it, no chance for the much needed A. I have exams again next Saturday and then in two weeks. Almost no stitching done in January and I was going to get Catch the Wind and Weeping Wisteria finished this month.

Is there a magic wand somewhere? Can I get back to my old self? I ordered a bunch of books from Amazon about concentration, procrastination and time management (of course DH had to say something about it), but are they going to help at all?

I am also thinking about a therapy, but it's so complicated to get it. I know that if I managed to press myself into a rythm for two weeks I would take it from there and continue, but it's the two weeks that is so difficult.

Of course it doesn't help that I am dieting again and it's TTOTM. And even in dieting I cheated on the weekend. I just feel like I could sleep 22 hours a day and spend the rest eating.

Sorry for rambling, I really hope things get better soon and I will be back blogging in a better tone.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

This & that

Thank you everyone for your comments on books!! I have already made an order at Amazon and I'm waiting for the books to arrive. I am sure I will love them all :) I will let you know as soon as I've read something.

Somehow nothing interesting has been happening here. I guess it's a good thing for a change, but I should really get together and start on working on many things, instead of procrastinating.
And fighting procrastination was to be my main goal in 2005 yay! LOL... Plenty of room for improvement.

On the weekend I got sick with stomachache. It got so bad during the night that I was considering calling the ambulance. And you know, before I even think about getting close to a hospital I must be really miserable LOL. I got sick just at the sight of a hospital. I get fever and my immune system acts out, I am really scared of hospitals. And you know because I have fever and my immune systems acts out, they don't want to let me go home LOL. But in the end I got better and decided not to call.

Still I started Round 3 of my diet, nonetheless and it's even worse than last time. I am such an insulin junkie, I keep shaking and craving for carbs, but try to be good... I hope I manage...

Friday, January 14, 2005

Reading, language acquisition and exams

An e-mail I sent to Kay inspired me to blog about language acquisition and reading. Although I am using English fairly regularly I would like to do something more for it to get better. I haven't spoken it for two years now and there's not much I can do here, other than getting headphones and starting to use skype (which may be a good idea, anyone using skype willing to chat wit me - sorry - help me get my English better?).

But I would also work on my other skills. I am mainly reading crap these days. I mean of course I'm only doing it to work on my English, but still. I read and forget. Maybe a nice Read-A-Long would help? When I can read and then discuss the books? I used to really enjoy it at school, so it might be worth researching.... Anyone having hints, where to find nice read-a-longs? I know there was one on the Threads board, but it seems to be silent now...

Except for that I would be grateful for any tips and hints as to what I could be reading. Generally I like romances, mysteries, good fantasy, good s-f. I hate horrors and really scary books. I know very little about contemporary English literature and would like to get to know more. I enjoy Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts, Terry Prattchet and Isaac Asimov, but I have a feeling that there might be more ;) Anyone feeling like writing a couple of workds about their favorite authors/books/series?

As for exams, my schedule is: Jan 22, Jan 29, Feb 12. I really need to get working.

2005 Rotation

Here comes my new rotation for 2005:

1. Acceleration Slot for DD Nature's Beauties 3-5 days
2. Acceleration Slot for DH Great Expectations 3-5 days
3. The Drawn Thread Sanctuary 3-5 days
4. Small #1 0-3 days
5. Celtic Celtic Banner 3-5 days
6. Chatelaine Watergarden 3-5 days
7. Landscape Cottage Enchantment 3-5 days
8. Small #2 0-3 days
9. Acceleration Slot for DD Nature's Beauties 3-5 days
10. Acceleration Slot for DH Great Expectations 3-5 days
11. Dragons Dawn Awakening 3-5 days
12. Small #3 0-3 days
13. Band Sampler Pacific Rim Sampler 3-5 days
14. Dimensions Gold Gracious Era 3-5 days
15. Hardanger Blue Hardanger Tabletop 3-5 days
16. Small #4 0-3 days

This is going to be my new rotation. I am not going to start it immediately as I still have two pieces that must get finished before starting it (Catch the Wind and Weeping Wisteria).

There are 10 pieces in it, two of which are repeated twice to get them finished quicker. The complete rotation is going to take around 2 months, which means that I am going to see my acceleration pieces every month. That should be OK to get them finished in 2005.

The refrain of my rotation are as usual ornies and small pieces (freebies, small kits, etc.). I am allowed to stitch on the every three pieces, if I wish. No more than two small things started rule applies to them like always (usually it's only one piece at a time, but sometimes, when I get stuck or wait for a supply I want to be able to start another one nonetheless).

6 out of 10 pieces in my rotation are new starts. 2 were alerady started, the rest is going to follow soon. Most probabely I am not going to start all of them in one rotation round (this would be too much for me to handle, as I'm not very fond of starting), but that's OK, I am just going to go through half of my rotation in February and start anew in March.

Because of all the new starts I do not expect as many finishes this year, so I would like to stitch more freebies, small pieces and ornies to supply some Happy Dances.

I hope I am going to stick to it nicely and have some great progress this year.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Being MIA

Our phone line died on the 2nd and remained silent for the next 12 days. Boy, did I feel lonely without you!!! I grew to be so dependent on the Internet. It was rather funny to observe my own reactions, though.

Like usual the first days I got some quality stitching time without being online. But then my motivation slipped and I barely stitched at all. So I need external motivation to get going. I am going to take care of a nice bit of this motivation and get new pictures soon.

In the meantime nothing really interesting happened. I started Celtic Banner, but just got a few stitches in. Watergarden has now a bit more than a blob, but not much. I haven't even touhed the two remaining pieces that need to get finished soon, but I hope I will get to that as well.

January is not going to be a good month stitching-wise, as I still have two exams to pass and two other things to do for school. I guess I will start stitching more in the second half of February. I still haven't planned my rotation for 2005, but I will get to it in January.

I got to know that my straight A in Artificial Intelligence was the only one the prof has given in three years! And that with around 90 students per class, boy, does it feel good!!! The bad thing is that although I love, adore and dream about Artificial Intelligence I cannot do my thesis in it. This prof doesn't take students and no one else is willing to tutor it. Sigh, AI is going to stay my hobby rather than schoolwork. I find it really a pity, nothing else appeals as much to me at the moment. Definitely not the Workflows I will be doing for my thesis. Basically I have nothing against Workflows but I was working on them for three years in my job and most probabely will continue to do so when I'm back, so I would like to do something else for a change. Well, at least I have experience and can learn more theory to back up the praxis. I see how it's good for me, but still would prefer the AI.

I still have to review my 2005 goals and write about the new ones. Because I still haven't written them down, I am procrastinating again. Somehow without the Internet I haven't realised yet, that 2005 has really started. I guess I move the launch to next week, Monday. I have until then to sort things out.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

A bit about my stitching...

2004 Stats

I wanted to publish some stats, as I have been going through my 2004 Excel spreadsheets.

I started 2004 with 4 UFOs and no WIPs (it was short after giving birth to DD).

I finished:
3 medium-large (including one UFO)
16 small
10 ornies

Together 29 pieces and was left with 7 WIPs (including the French Mystery Garden that got finished 45 minutes after midnight).

So as of January 1 I had 6 WIPs and 4 UFOs (one of 2004 starts was moved to UFO status until I decide if I'm going to continue working on it or dekit it).

Which means that I must have started 35 pieces in 2004.

Still I think not bad for a new Mommy, but I hope 2005 is going to be better.

And now to the Guilt Free January:

Actually I was going to start Watergarden during the June SAL, but decided it would have been to much WIPs for me to handle. I have finished 2 and I'm very close to being done on another 3, so I decided that I deserve a new start.

After enlarging and printing out the pattern, and gluing them together, I managed to put first stitches into Watergarden! Yay!

We are slowly starting to get to know each other, the Watergarden and I. I think it's going to be a beautiful affair with a happy end. But I already see him demanding and sophisticated. So I doubt I'm going to betray my Watergarden with another Chatelaine... I'm sure he would take a revenge and it wouldn't be a pretty one. But I do see that he deserves bathing in my non-shared Chatelaine attention and I hope he's going to reward me for my loyalty. I see generosity shimmering deep in his sophisticated soul...

Watch out for next part of the romance and pics when I have more than a couple of scattered stitches!

And I am going to be really *bad* and start Celtic Banner in January too. I have gathered most of the DMC flossies and I'm going to start the inside part, but with some modificatons. I am not very fond of ABCs on my pictures, so I am omitting this part. I wanted to repeat the bottom part on the top, but decided just to skip the letters and go with a much shortened version. It will be much easier to find a space for it in my appartment, which is not very high and the cats can reach quite high. So the shortened version is going to be safer. I am going to order the Wildflowers hopefully in February, if I get the money from DH. Which reminds me that January isn't going to be such a great month stitching-wise, because I have to devote much time to learning. Sigh...


Thank you so much for you New year's wishes. I appreciate them so much. I have never thought that anyone is ever going to read this and was so close to giving up in November, when I felt so down.

Now so much has changed. I feel so much better and really embrace 2005, I'm really sure it's going to be a good year for all of us. I think I have come to terms with many things that happened in 2004. Now I can say it was all LAST year LOL. Thank you so much for being there for me, both when I felt down and when I had an up. I really hope you will read a lot of ups here this year and definitely less whining ;)

Anneke, HD stands for Happy Dance - when you finish a stitched piece :) I really feel like dancing now, after I have finished 3 pieces :) I already picked up many expressions in stitching slang, so just ask if you don't understand. English is not my mother tongue either, so I understand :)

Once more THANK YOU for being there friends!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Welcome in 2005

Yay, it's New Year here already!!! We stayed up until now and will probabely go to bad at around 3 am. It was a nice evening with mainly music on the tv and Raclette grill and wine and... stitching. I missed my wish to finish French Mystery Garden in 2004 by exactly 45 minutes, but then... I am starting 2005 with a great HD and I believe it's a very good omen. Now I can put one piece in my Finished in 2005 category LOL. The pictures will follow soon, I have some that I owe you (including my HDs and DD and the three new kitten litters).

I wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year. So many people struggled in 2004 that I believe we all deserve a calm, healthy and happy 2005.