Friday, January 14, 2005

2005 Rotation

Here comes my new rotation for 2005:

1. Acceleration Slot for DD Nature's Beauties 3-5 days
2. Acceleration Slot for DH Great Expectations 3-5 days
3. The Drawn Thread Sanctuary 3-5 days
4. Small #1 0-3 days
5. Celtic Celtic Banner 3-5 days
6. Chatelaine Watergarden 3-5 days
7. Landscape Cottage Enchantment 3-5 days
8. Small #2 0-3 days
9. Acceleration Slot for DD Nature's Beauties 3-5 days
10. Acceleration Slot for DH Great Expectations 3-5 days
11. Dragons Dawn Awakening 3-5 days
12. Small #3 0-3 days
13. Band Sampler Pacific Rim Sampler 3-5 days
14. Dimensions Gold Gracious Era 3-5 days
15. Hardanger Blue Hardanger Tabletop 3-5 days
16. Small #4 0-3 days

This is going to be my new rotation. I am not going to start it immediately as I still have two pieces that must get finished before starting it (Catch the Wind and Weeping Wisteria).

There are 10 pieces in it, two of which are repeated twice to get them finished quicker. The complete rotation is going to take around 2 months, which means that I am going to see my acceleration pieces every month. That should be OK to get them finished in 2005.

The refrain of my rotation are as usual ornies and small pieces (freebies, small kits, etc.). I am allowed to stitch on the every three pieces, if I wish. No more than two small things started rule applies to them like always (usually it's only one piece at a time, but sometimes, when I get stuck or wait for a supply I want to be able to start another one nonetheless).

6 out of 10 pieces in my rotation are new starts. 2 were alerady started, the rest is going to follow soon. Most probabely I am not going to start all of them in one rotation round (this would be too much for me to handle, as I'm not very fond of starting), but that's OK, I am just going to go through half of my rotation in February and start anew in March.

Because of all the new starts I do not expect as many finishes this year, so I would like to stitch more freebies, small pieces and ornies to supply some Happy Dances.

I hope I am going to stick to it nicely and have some great progress this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your rotation looks good on paper, Gosia! You have a nice mix of projects in there. Good luck with it :)


2:43 PM  

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