Thursday, January 13, 2005

Being MIA

Our phone line died on the 2nd and remained silent for the next 12 days. Boy, did I feel lonely without you!!! I grew to be so dependent on the Internet. It was rather funny to observe my own reactions, though.

Like usual the first days I got some quality stitching time without being online. But then my motivation slipped and I barely stitched at all. So I need external motivation to get going. I am going to take care of a nice bit of this motivation and get new pictures soon.

In the meantime nothing really interesting happened. I started Celtic Banner, but just got a few stitches in. Watergarden has now a bit more than a blob, but not much. I haven't even touhed the two remaining pieces that need to get finished soon, but I hope I will get to that as well.

January is not going to be a good month stitching-wise, as I still have two exams to pass and two other things to do for school. I guess I will start stitching more in the second half of February. I still haven't planned my rotation for 2005, but I will get to it in January.

I got to know that my straight A in Artificial Intelligence was the only one the prof has given in three years! And that with around 90 students per class, boy, does it feel good!!! The bad thing is that although I love, adore and dream about Artificial Intelligence I cannot do my thesis in it. This prof doesn't take students and no one else is willing to tutor it. Sigh, AI is going to stay my hobby rather than schoolwork. I find it really a pity, nothing else appeals as much to me at the moment. Definitely not the Workflows I will be doing for my thesis. Basically I have nothing against Workflows but I was working on them for three years in my job and most probabely will continue to do so when I'm back, so I would like to do something else for a change. Well, at least I have experience and can learn more theory to back up the praxis. I see how it's good for me, but still would prefer the AI.

I still have to review my 2005 goals and write about the new ones. Because I still haven't written them down, I am procrastinating again. Somehow without the Internet I haven't realised yet, that 2005 has really started. I guess I move the launch to next week, Monday. I have until then to sort things out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Gosia, glad you're online again. I understand exactly what you means: when I don't have time for the computer, I feel empty.
It's a pity you can't progress in AI. Hope you stay motivated. And such a good grade! Congratulations. I studied 'orthopedagogiek', it's about children with learning disabilities, on university. We had studies in different languages: English and German. I didn't follow the German language on high school, and the first word I looked up in my translationbook was 'erziehung'. Being German you understand how hilarious I found the meaning of that word...

7:54 PM  
Blogger KarenV said...

I wondered where you'd gone - glad to see you back online!

Congratulations on your A - I'm sorry you can't take it any further. Good luck with all your schoolwork in the coming weeks :)

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there. I wondered where you'd gone too. Congratulations with your A - you must be made up! Come on with those photos! Can't wait to see your updates!

Karen F

10:20 PM  
Blogger Mia said...

TEN DAYS!!! And here I was complaining about my measly 12 or so hours without DSL. LOL I am glad you are back online Gosia. I look forward to seeing your updates on school and your stitching and your life in general. Have a great evening!!!

1:55 AM  

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