Wednesday, January 19, 2005

This & that

Thank you everyone for your comments on books!! I have already made an order at Amazon and I'm waiting for the books to arrive. I am sure I will love them all :) I will let you know as soon as I've read something.

Somehow nothing interesting has been happening here. I guess it's a good thing for a change, but I should really get together and start on working on many things, instead of procrastinating.
And fighting procrastination was to be my main goal in 2005 yay! LOL... Plenty of room for improvement.

On the weekend I got sick with stomachache. It got so bad during the night that I was considering calling the ambulance. And you know, before I even think about getting close to a hospital I must be really miserable LOL. I got sick just at the sight of a hospital. I get fever and my immune system acts out, I am really scared of hospitals. And you know because I have fever and my immune systems acts out, they don't want to let me go home LOL. But in the end I got better and decided not to call.

Still I started Round 3 of my diet, nonetheless and it's even worse than last time. I am such an insulin junkie, I keep shaking and craving for carbs, but try to be good... I hope I manage...


Blogger Mia said...

Gosia, thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. A bug went through here in December and it wasn't fun and I was the hardest hit. If you go to my blog Archives for September and scroll down a bit, you will find my dragon. It really is a great design and I am enjoying it. And I love Chatelaine designs but unfortunately, I just can't afford them at the present especially when they sit. I still have Mystery 4 in its package. But I will get to them someday and will probably get some charts along the way and then order materials when I can. Good luck with the reading too. If you love mystery type books, I highly recommend Joanne Fluke, Claudia Bishop and Laura Childs. Laura does a tea shop series and a scrapbook series mysteries. They are a fun read. And before I go, good luck with the dieting. I am a carb junkie too. I would be a twig if I cut them out. LOL

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