Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Stitching Blogger's Question

What is your favorite fabric to stitch on?

I will try to catch up on ReneƩ's previous questions asap, but for the moment I start with the current one.

Like ReneƩ I think there's nothing wrong with Aida. It's just that I don't like it. It's stiff, it doesn't look good on the non-stitched spaces, it's difficult to do quarter stitches and impossible to do the specialty stitches. Those are my reasons and of course anyone can disagree.

My progress from Aida was to white 27ct Linda as well. I enjoyed it a lot and I still use it for charity squares or for pictures where the whole background is stitched. I Think that my stitches look especially neat on it and it's fairly inexpensive so I just stick to it.

I also love stitching on Linen, 28 or 32 ct. I actually prefer 32 ct, but 28 is also OK. I adore stitching on 36-40ct with just one thread. I think it looks very very subtle and sophisticated. It's such a pity that I do not have any new project done this way. I have some Polish 36 ct linen which is really very very pretty and nice wuality, it's just not stitching linen and in some places it's slightly rectangular not square. But still for some patterns it only gives the piece "antique" feel and my French Mystery Garden looked great on it. I still have quite a lot of this fabric and I'm looking for another pattern to stitch on it. It is slightly difficult for the eyes, but so worth it. For the look linen is my most favorite fabric.

As far as stitching itself is concerned I like cotton or cotton blends, but with some kind of structure. I love structure. So in fact Meran, Quaker Cloth (Bantry), Annabelle are my favorites. It's such a pity they don't come in as many colors as Cashel linen. Funnily it's impossible to buy 28ct or 32 ct Lugana in Germany., even though it's made here. Even my most favorite shop for fabric here in Germany doesn't carry it. I find it so ridiculous to order German fabric from the US, but then DMC is made in France and I also get it via floss fairies from the US, so I shouldn't wonder too much LOL.

I have yet to try hand-dyes, in fact I have some ordered and I'm waiting impatiently for them to come. I'm sure I will fall in love immediately, they are just so awfully expensive that I won't be able to indulge too often. But for now I will be doing the two Dracolair's Dragon - Dawn Awakening and Midnight Hunting on wonderful had-dyed fabby, I can't wait!!!


Blogger Kiwi Jo said...

Hi Gosia
It's good to see you back blogging - I was a little worried about you. It sounds like life is still rather tough for you and I hope things get better soon. I'm really sorry to hear about your kitty too. I'm looking forward to seeing your Michael Powell design as I'm really enjoying working on mine.

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