Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I have survived the weekend at school, even though the weather was really yucky. I even managed to find some yarn for the crochet 63 squares afganan and I can't wait to start. I have to go to school on Apr 2nd and I will be picking up the yarn then. OK, I have to skip one lecture to manage, but who cares??

DD has been coughing recently. Not much, but still. If it's not away till Thursday I'll go to the doc with her (Wednesday is for healthy children). But I hope it'll be. I think it's because she completely undresses herself during the night and it's fairly cold here. I just don't know what to do to stop her from doing that.

On Friday we'll be seeing our future babysitter(s). I hope this time everything's going to work out and we'll find someone and we'll be able to go out from time to time. We'll see...

I have been stitching on Watergarden recently, but not making good progress. I should stitch more, I just don't feel like working diligently really. I guess it's the wetahre that gets meslightly depressed. I have been not sleeping well recently and wake up even more tired then when going to bed. I'm so ready for spring to come!!

I have started Gracious Era last week, but decided to wait and get some other fabbie for it. The Aida really isn't very pleasant, so it'll be best to get some Belfast instead. I pulled out Nature's Beauties instead, but somehow couldn't get into the rythm with it. Could it be that it was because of the 32ct Belfast?? I don't remember having such problems when I was stitching on this piece last year. Maybe I just need better light or something. I better find the solution before I get two more pieces on Belfast into my rotation so soon... I am going to come back to it this week again and try to finish the blach panther. I hope that any other animal is going to be more pleasurable.


Anonymous anneke said...

Hi Gosia,
My children slept in sleepingbags for baby's. I think you know what I mean. And when they unzip those, you can dress them backwards in it. I sometimes used a safetypin also.
To be true, I'm glad my children are a bit older now...

11:47 PM  

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