Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Planning for March

Anneke, thank you so much for your kind comment. I wish I could just visit you or have you here. Can you imagine I have never been in Holland? It has been my wish for such a long time, but we never got to going there, but I still have big hopes that I will be visit and sooner rather than later. Flying withinh Europe has gotten cheaper and cheaper and there's simply no reason not to visit any more :)

I CHOOSE for March to be a much better month than February, I CHOOSE for it to be a very good month with lots of goals achieved and fun too.

I am still stitching on Michael Powell's Venice Palace and I think I am at 70% of the stitching done. It progresses so fast, that I haven't been tempted to start anything new, nor come back to my standard rotation. Maybe I will even finish it, before coming back to my normal rotation, whoch would b really good, as I would have one piece less to put into it. I got so deeply in love with this piece that I traded with someone leftover pieces from kits and I am getting leftovers of the Spanish Hill Town kit. I am so excited, I have already pulled out the Anchor floss I still have and made a list of floss I am still going to need to stitch it. Those kits are so unbelieveably expensive, at 45 British pounds, that I can't afford it new at the moment, not mentioning that they come with really ugly Aida that needs to be replaced. I have the two Venice Hearts kits bought new, so I guess it evens it out a bit.

I have also planned my next new start. It's going to be Gracious Era by Dimensions. DH loves this design and wants me to start it soon, so I surely will :) Then I have two other things calling at me - Jeanette Douglad Pacific Rim anf Patricia Ann Designs Twilight Star. I think I am going to start Pacific Rim as a part of the SAL on the Needle and Threads board, because I like such kind of unstructered, losse SAL. I think I am going to delay starting Sanctuary a bit more htough. I have already serged the fabby and pulled floss for it, but do not really feel like starting it at the moment. Also Dracolair's Dawn Awakening is going to wait until I have decided if I'm going to stitch it on the hand-dyed fabby I ordered for it or on plain whte which seems more appealing to me at the moment. But as I have enough new starts planned for the nearest future, I think I'm going to wait with those two a bit longer.

In March I would like to come back to my rotation, and stitch a couple of slots - at least Nature's Beauties, Hardanger tabletop and Great Expectations. Those have been really neglected in the last months and need some quality time.

I am also starting next round of ornie RR. Of course I'm not going to reveal my choice ;) I'm sure that the next round is going to be equally wonderful as the first one and I will be having lots and lots of fun with it. All the ornies from round 1 were beautiful and so will be the ones from the next one.

I am going to come back o my personal goals as well. I don't think I am going to achieve really a lot in March, but I'm going to try. I have to admit, though *blush* that I have to go back to my January post to see what I was actually going to work on now. OK, of course I remmeber the three main goals - weight loss, fighting procrastination and working on friendships. Oh, maybe thiose three are really more than enough for now :) I CHOOSE to work on those three this month.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're going great guns on Venice Palace, Gosia :)

I hear you on the cost of the kits, although if you order them direct from Michael Powell, they will substitute evenweave, which is a bit more acceptable. The price is the main thing that's stopping me from getting the rest of the Venice Windows :(

Good luck with your March goals!


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