Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Stitching Blogger's Question

Do you have a favorite designer (or designers)? If so, who is it and why is he or she your favorite?

Ohhhh... I have many!!!! I cannot really decide who is my absolutely favorite one, but I have a couple that I really like. There's no designer, though, whose work I completely adore, there are always designs I like much less. So my top list consists of:

1. Teresa Wetzler
The obvious one :) I like a lot of her designs. The colours are wonderful, the drawing amazing, the borders stunning. I have yet to start a big TW (yes, they do intimidate me), but I think it's going to happen soon :) I am going to start either The Enchanter or English Garden Sampler, they are my most favorite biggies. But TW for me are not only the biggies. I have just finished the begginer whitework ornament and I love it. I am crazy for Byzantine ornaments and like the cloisonne ones. The bookmars look really nice. The only thing I like less about her designs are faces. I have seen some recharted ones though and I think I will go with them, they look nicer.

2. Martina Weber
Another obvious favorite. I adore the mandala gardens and their symbolism. They are so refreshing, different. Sometimes I wish they were slightly less jeweled, a bit more muted, but I still adore them, especially the geographical series. I am going to stitch a couple of them, but no reason to rush. They are very expensive to kit up and I'm going to play with plain old DMC and some hand-dyed cotton or Vicki Clayton silks to kit up in the future. I just find 250+ USD just for threads and beads more than I would be willing to pay, even if I could afford it.

3. Jeanette Douglas
For Canada Journey samplers. They are so wonderful and they make me wish to visit Canada even more than before.

4. Cynthia Zettel (The Drawn Thread)
I like a number of her designs, some more than others. I like the old fashioned look, the muted colours, all the specialty stitches.

5. Michael Powell
Because his colourful, crazy buildings always manage to make me laugh.

6. Patricia Ann
Because like no other designer, she's developing exactly in the right direction :) I like her designs more and more with every single time she realeases something.

7. Sarah Wu (Dracolair)
I guess she doesn't need any comments. The most beautiful dragons I've ever seen in my life (sorry, TW). I just can't wait to see the last two, and I want to have all five stitched up and framed. I can't get rid of the impression that her dragons know something that we, mortals, will never be able to understand. I guess dragons do such things, simply.

I think I could go on and name a couple more whose work I really like, but it's enough for now, they are my favortites at the moment, but of course everything is subject to change.


Blogger Carol said...

Great choices Gosia! I really couldn't agree with you more :-)

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