Friday, April 08, 2005

Isabelle and Cathy

Thank you so much for you comments. Yes I really do hope things will clear up a bit, at least I have a plan again :)

Cathy, I've tried to comment in your blog, but Blogger won't let me to do it, so I'll post my comment here. Good luck weaning Evie. Even if you wish to do it, it's still not easy really. I have never managed to get any breastmilk expressed for Alizée. It just didn't work for me and with time I surrendered to having to take her with me everywhere, especially because she wouldn't eat anything other than breastmilk for 9 months. Boy, was I ready to be alone for some time after that! She weaned herself at 13 months and I was still a bit unhappy about it, I felt a bit rejected LOL. But of course it is nice to have my body for me again and be able to leave whenever I want to. If you don't feel ready to wean completely yet, you might consider breastfeeding only in the morning and in the evening, it worked very well for us for a couple of months and I really enjoyed it.
I hope social life will be back a bit when Alizée is bigger. The main problem here is that we have no family in Berlin and going out is very very expensive, having to pay for babysitter, etc. It should get better though, when I'm back to work.

Isabelle, thank you so much for your thoughts. It really feels good to think that I have some special freinds out there. Maybe we will be able to meet some time in real life. I just have to visit Paris again soon :) I was there only once, over 10 years ago. ANd of course I didn't have enough of it.
I will try to take pictures of my squares soon :) I think you should take part in our crochet SAL, it's so much fun and such a great possibility to learn many different stitches. We are having the CAL on the Wagon BB, and surely someone might help in getting the leaflet.
I don't worry about the stitching slump too much, I read much more at the moment, and of course, it's eating up my stitching time. I'm sure soon, I will feel much more like stitching again.


Blogger Mia said...

Gosia, I am jumping in here because I couldn't write you last night because Blogger was being a bugger. Arghhhhh!!! I hope things turn around for you soon. It sucks when it happens. It happens to me all to often. There are times that I just want to walk away from everything because I feel I am going to explode. Of course, I don't and it all works out but it happens. Just know you have us online friends who will listen and support you always!!!

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Blogger Isabelle said...


Lots of love and king thoughts from France :)

Here's your Birthday card!

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Blogger Mia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOSIA!!!! I hope you are enjoying your special day with lots of fun and laughter and of course, cake!!!! I hope this next year is a happy and healthy one for you!!!
Love Mia

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Blogger Cathy said...

Thanks for your input, Gosia, I was considering still nursing for one or two feedings, but I didn't know if I'd be able to keep the milk supply up in order to do it. It seems like a lot of people have a tough time commenting on my blog, I wonder why...? Anyhow, hang in there, and Happy Birthday!

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