Monday, April 25, 2005


Have you ever been asked to do model stitching? Did you do it? If so, what was your compensation? (money, stash, etc.) If not, why not? If you haven't done it, if you were asked would you? Why or why not?
I have never been asked to model stitch. I'm not even sure how you get into it, I've seen some adds asking to send some try outs to the designer, but more than that I know nothing. I'm not sure if I'd like to do it. If I liked the design and the deadline were reasonable, then I would probably agree. I'm not 100% confident and it's difficult to compare, as there are very few stitchers here, so I'm not really sure. But I guess it's going to stay pute theory, because no one is going to ask :) It could be fun, though to see my stitching somewhere, but I think maybe I will enter my stitching into the competition in two years to achieve that.


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