Thursday, April 07, 2005


I've been through another hiccup recently, but things fall back to normal again. I'm getting used to living on a rollercoaster, even though I would really rather have some piece and quiet in life again.

Except for that not really much new is happening. I will try to summarize the state of my life, as started at the Rotation BB.

Work: I'm still on unpaid maternity leave, still planning to be back in February 2006. Due to the last hiccups I've been thinking about trying to be back earlier, but it would turn to be really difficult. DD's not yet prepared to go to daycare. She eats well, but can't use a spoon yet. I figure that there's still enough time till January to teach her that, she has only recently got better at eating food with texture. Also finding daycare would be extremely difficult. We already have a place for her for January 2006, finding anything for just now would mean lots of paperwork and changing daycare next year, which surely wouldn't be good for her. I would also have to explain at work why I want to be back earlier, which I would hate to do. So we're going to try to stitck to the original plan and hope it's going to work out financially.

School: School's cool :) One of the very few areas where everything is working out perfectly. I finished last term with great average and I'm right on target this term. Of course I will have tons of work in May to prepare for June, but it's just normal. I am going to work on two projects already in April to have them almost finished before May. I have one more for May and three exams in June, but I'm not too worried (yet, wait till May and I'll be whining about it for sure.)

Family: DD's doing good. She's a very healthy and happy child. She has a very strong character and she' knows exactly what she wants. Sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes a bit less. I feel like juggling on a very thin line, between spoiling her rotten and breaking her character. It's difficult at times, I admit. I'm sure I will work it out eventually. Of course at 17 months I already see the terrible twos coming big time LOL. DH's another fairy tale. Things are not so good between us and after creating tons of mess it seems he's been slipping into depression. I admit I feel a lot of resentment about it. He DID all the mess and I don't want to be the one cleaning it again.

Stitching: I'm in a small stitching slump at the moment. I should be stitching on Watergarden, which is one of my favorite pieces, but I can't make myslef pull it out. Maybe I'll move it's slot to next week instead. Generally I've been doing good. I have a couple of finishes to show for this year and some progress on other pieces and huge plans for the rest of the year. I would like to finish at least two more pieces: Nature's Beauties and Great Expectations and some smaller pieces. Maybe I could squeeze another bigger piece, that would be great!

Crocheting: I've started the 63 squares afghan and have finished 8 squares already. That's the main reason for my stitching slump, I guess LOL. I'm not 100% happy with the squares, but I hope to work the problems out finally. I may change one of the colours, because I'm not sure if I like the combination yet.

Cats: Still not sold. I'm so ready for them to be gone, at least the kittens and some of the adults. It was not easy to make the decision to quit breeding, but after having made it, I would like the realization to follow soon.

Other: AKA social life, etc. Social what? Are SAHMs supposed to have anything like that? My social life consists of Mommy&Me group and rarely going for a walk with my friend and her daughter (DD's age). My b-day is on Monday and I just wish I could forget it. This year we won't be doing anything and also no presents, due to our financial problems at the moment.


Blogger Isabelle said...

Hello Gosia!
So glad to hear from you again. Everything does not seem so easy for you at the moment, but you sound serene and that's good. I'm sure writing down the situation helps clarifying it for you, doesn't it? And you've got good news too: a happy and healthy child, great results at school, and exciting new projects. Can't wait to see your afghan squares! I started crocheting too so I'm very interested in your own projects!! :o)

Don't worry about not feeling like stitching at the mo. I'm sure the urge will come back soon, and then your needles will be smoking ! You don't need to force yourself! ;o)

Hope you'll feel better and better. I often think of you and hope everything's fine for you. I sincerely do.
Plenty of Hugs!

10:31 AM  
Blogger Cathy said...

I have the same SAHM/social life problem, particularly because none of my friends have children. I hope you find some time for yourself soon.

4:04 PM  

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