Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I haven't answered any SBQs for three weeks now, so here comes a package. I think I have four insiprations to write about now :)

Given the option, would you rather buy a chart and get the material and floss together yourself, or buy a pre-packed kit?
I like buzing charts and kitting them up myself better. But I must admit that I like thread&bead packs offered optionally by some designers (Victoria Sampler, Janette Douglas, etc.), because they are usually a cheaper alternative to buying whole skeins of pricey threads. I am OK with kits as well, but I swap the fabric, which makes the kits significantly more expensive. I think there should always be an option to buy kits with eavenweave.

What is your opinion of Internet "freebies?"
I love them! They are a wonderful possibility to try out different designers, fibers, etc. Some are a bit simplicistic and I'm not very likely to stitch them, but some are simply splendid. Teresa Wentzler freebies are nicely medium-sized, Chatelaine also offers some that are quite big (90x90 stitches!) and very pretty. I think those are my two favorite freebie designers, but of course there are many more that I enjoy.

Do you finish all your finished pieces? (pillow, frame, etc,) If so, how do you finish the pieces? If not what do you do with them?
I have already answered the question, and nothing changed actually. Some of my finished pieces are still waiting for framing and I stitch very few smaller designers, so I haven"t really tried any fanc finishing, except for ornaments. But I'm going to try!

Do you set stitching goals?
Yes, I usually do. I not always stick to them (especially recently, because of the hicckups in my life), but I set them. I do not post them here, they are on Rotation board. Maybe I'll start posting them here when the percentage of achieved goals stops being so depressing LOL


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