Friday, October 21, 2005

And up again

It seems that my mood from the last couple of days evaporated and I feel much much better now. At least something and just right for the weekend.
I managed to get the last document for Child Services yesterday, so now I just have to wait for their decision about child support advance for DD. It's not much, but even a bit is better than the nothing STBXH is paying ;)

I have some problems at work, after those 2 years everything seems so difficult. I seem to have forgotten even the easiest things, like hot to debug anything in Visual Studio, etc. I think I need to devote some time to go through all the books that are gathering dust on my shelves, after 3 weeks at work, it's time to get productive. I'm still positive that I'll manage it.

Today I am going out in the evening. I'm a member of a Polish BB and today is the monthly meeting. I know some of the people, but I've never participated in the monthly thingie, so I'm curious about it. T. offered to stay with DD, so that I can go :)

Tomorrow is V.'s (T.'s son) birthday, so T. will be gone whole day. It makes me a bit sad to think that we're not invited, but on the other hand, I somehow understand. Maybe next year :) But because I didn't want to spend whole Saturday alone at home, DD and I are meeting a friend in the afternoon and I hope we'll be having some fun as well :)

I'm not yet sure about Sunday, but I'd like to do something fun with T. We haven't spent a whole day together for 2 weeks now, so I'd really love to.

And today we are getting a new sofa, I think the first piece of real (I mean bigger) furniture we bought together. I can't wait!


Blogger Isabelle said...

Good for you, Gosia! Enjoy your week-end!


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