Friday, October 28, 2005


The enchiladas turned fantastic, they disappeared quickly :) I'm going to try out some other Maxican recipes next week, I really love Mexican food. I didn't bake the cheesecake, though, maybe today, before the kids come.

Yesterday was a the first payday for me after the mat leave (feels good to be earning money again) - we get paid monthly, but the money was on the bank account yesterday already. I think we're going to get a bike for me tomorrow. I haven't had a bike for almost 10 years, so I'm really looking to it. My very own bike :) I'm going to ride it very often, because I've gained weight again, unfortunately. I hope it's going to help and I need to change my eating habits again, because this time I really want to lose weight. You know, the motivation ;)

I felt quite down and clingy yesterday and we even had a fight, but all is great now. I forgot how difficult those first months of living together really are. Setting boundaries, testing those of the other person and all this in a small appartment :) I think we're doing great, though, considering the circumstances. I still have so many unsolved issues that are bothering me, that I sometimes overreact or get too clingy. Usually I'm OK, it's just sometimes, but I see how it can be hard to cope with. I guess I need to find other techniques to help with the anxiety. Hmmm, stitching?? LOL!


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