Thursday, October 20, 2005

October Goals & Co.

I know it's already Oct. 20th, but I feel the urge to restart setting my monthly goals, so I guess today is as good as any other. I'm still down, even more than yesterday and I even told T. in the morning, that I'm feeling unhappy. We didn't really have any time to talk, which might be good. I just hope the feeling disappears soon. I may also be getting a cold, I have dry cough... This would at least explain my mood, even if it's the thing I need least at the moment.

One of the projects I need to do this term is to write an object-oriented programm, with a proper model-view-controller design. I have been thinking what should I write. A kind of personal diary?? A universal everything-to-everything converter? A simple computer game? Something to archive and manage pieces of information (like CUEcards)? I'd be happy for any advice you might have, anything you've always wanted to have, but couldn't find... I hate writing totally useless software, even for learning purposes.

And now the goals for the remaining October days:

1. Finish gathering the documents for Child Services and report STBXH for not paying child support since July (I only need one more document). I may be elligible for child support advance from Child Services, which means that they would try to track him down and get their money back instead of me. I just need one more document, which I hope to be able to obtain today.
2. Decide what I am going to programm for school and start designing it.
3. Bank.
4. Decide which Microsoft exam I am going to take first and check until when they are going to offer them (with VS.NET 2005 due in November)
5. Talk to Mom about her taking DD during summer holidays next year.
6. Try to track STBXH again and if he's still missing get paperwork done for filing a divorce without his consent (more difficult, more expensive)
7. Bring the remaining documents to DD's daycare (and try to prove I had no income until July - I mean it's easy to prove income, but how to prove NO income??)
8. Start writitng my Master thesis, so that I'll be able to show something in November to my prof.
9. Find a nice recipe for veggie enchiladas and make them.

I think that's more than enough for 10 days, we'll see how I am going to score at it.


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