Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sunny weather

Today we have really great weather, staying at work is really a waste of such beautiful time ;) I wish I could go home just now and enjoy the last rays of October sun, we're going to miss them very soon.

The kids ate sweet pepper yesterday, so I won at least partially. As a revenge they tought DD eat chocolate, sigh. Up till yesterday she actually didn't like sweets and I liked it this way ;) It's so difficult to keep the "no sweets, no TV until 3yo" policy now with older children ;) But it was a very nice day yesterday and also the kids were much better behaved. We're going to get a pumpkin on Friday and let the kids carve it. I've never done it before (Halloween is not very big here), but I think it's going to be great fun. Anything we have to know about carving a pumpkin???

Today I'm going to make veggie enchiladas and maybe cheescake, but we'll see when I'm back home if I still feel like :) I also need to prepare the photos we took at the Baltic sea and put them online, there are some really nice ones, especially of DD.

And yes, it does feel really good when my blog is getting really boring. Boring boring. Boring boring boring. I think I'll be going back to answering some memes soon :)


Blogger Belinda said...

Sometimes, boring is good.

4:30 PM  

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