Monday, October 24, 2005


Weekend turned out to be very nice.

On Friday I went to a Polish party, that turned out to be Polish-Brazilian. There was a Brazilian concert in the bar we met and unfortunately the singer only knew 3 songs which got quite tiring after a very short time. We had great fun nonetheless, but next time we meet somewhere where there's no live music ;) I was home at 1 am on Sat and it felt good to be out for so long. Maybe I'm not that old, after all ;) I'm looking forward to meeting the people I got to know again soon :)

On Saturday we went to the weekly market to get some fruit and vegetable (the best place to get bio stuff) and met our friend D. there. Then T. had to go to his son's birthday and we we went home, drank some wine, ate steaks and baked potatoes and talked, talked, talked... It was really nice. When T. came back, we watched Monthy Pyton and the Holy Grail, drank some more wine and had fun. Even T. ate a bit of steak, but you could see he didn't like it ;) Even though I generally don't eat meat at the moment, sometimes I make an exception and enjoy a piece ;) especially if I'm eating out without T. So I guess we're going to stitck to baked potatoe, baked beans, salad and garlic bread as the vege variation of eating steak, because T. loved those.

On Sunday we met D. again and actually we wanted to see an exhibition (Picasso), but the weather was ugly, DD was fussy, so we stayed home and watched K-PAX instead. Wow, what a great film!!! If anyone knows anything that is similar in athmosphere, topic or in any way, please let me know, we LOVED it!

Yesterday there was also the presidential election in Poland, but I'm not going to say more about it, except that I'm ready to eat or burn my pass. What a shame!


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