Monday, October 31, 2005


We spent another great weekend. The weather was simply geaorgous and we had lots of fun. Each time we have the children, the first day is difficult and then it gets easier. They seem to get used to the rules and open up more. They also seem to enjoy activities more ans stop complaining that much.

Friday was pretty much low key, just a short walk with DD. On Saturday we went grocery shopping to the bio market and talked with the kids about eating vegetables, choosing and buying them, etc. Then we wanted to eat ice cream at my favorite place, but it was already closed for winter :( so we just picked some packaged ice and went to a very nice playground. We stayed there for several hours and came back home.

Sunday was really busy. After breakfast we went to a gallery to pick up a present for my friend, whose housewarming party was in the evening. Then we went to the zoo, ate potato pancaces, the kids went home and we went to the said party. It was really a very nice one (not mentioning the appartment - it's wonderful!) and T. said he really liked my friends. I'm happy to hear this, I was slightly anxious about him not liking my friends, etc. DD was very well behaved all day, even though she didn't want to sleep at all during the day. She fell asleep on our way back home in the car :) and looked so cute.

We talked quite a lot about the kids during the weekend and I have an impression that our communication and stand on that issue is improving very nicely :) I wish this were really true and we could work out not only this, but also any future problem we might encounter.


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