Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another hobby: climbing.

Climbing is DBF’s favorite hobby. No wonder he infected me with the bug and showed that defeating my own height anxiety can be one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever tried. I already have my climbing stuff bought and nicely waiting to be used :) I have also tried to climb, but only on artificial walls, unfortunately. I am also too heavy at the moment and my muscle is too weak, not mentioning my technique, so there’s really a lot to do before I’m able to say I can climb, it’s going to be a really long journey.

At the moment we just need to find a solution to having DD with us all the time. Maybe asking our friend to come with us, three adults should be easily able to watch one 2yo ;) Maybe we could also visit some small walls, where it’s not necessary to use the rope, but still fun to climb? DD could simply play somewhere… I start really having fun at thinking about doing sports again. I really really want to get fit this time!


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