Tuesday, November 01, 2005

BIKE: Choosing the right one!

So, it’s decided we’re getting a new bike for me. Actually I haven’t had a bike for several years now, so you can guess, that I’m really excited. I already know that I want a trekking bike, or maybe a cross bike, if I find a nice one. I don’t think that a full blown mountain bike would be the right choice for Berlin, and shall I ever be in a condition good enough to ride in the mountains we’ll be getting us two new bikes. Until then I want a relatively decent bike in the 400-700 dollar range. I hope I’ll be able to find something cool :) I know the look isn’t the most important thing, but I simply want a bike that looks good and not like on old-lady-bike ;) Preferably black-silver ;)

We are going to go and have first look at the bikes tomorrow, I have two addresses of good shops in Berlin. I have also heard loads of tips on what I should be getting, etc. but I doubt I can rememebr all this. I simply hope to find someone who’ll be able to offer good service and recoomend Mr Righ Bike for me. DBF’s brother offered to help me build a perfect bike for the money we are willing to pay, but I don’t want to that long (we won’t be travelling to Wroclaw until January, I think.) So it’s decided that we’re getting it here and now.


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