Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's time to live my dreams

I am going to restart riding again in the spring. I have waited for so long to start living again, instead of just existing and watching the time pass… I’ve let so many of my dreams go, just because there has always been something more important to achieve. But it hasn’t brought me anywhere, it hasn’t made me a better person or helped me live a better life. So now it’s time to chase MY dreams, no matter how difficult it is.

Horse riding is my favorite sport and it always makes me calm and happy. And after everything that happened in the last years, I DO deserve to be happy. I also want to use the moment and get DBF used to the fact that I have wishes as well and that they’re equally important now. I think in a couple of years it’d get more difficult.

I am going to use the winter and gather information about places and recommendations and choose two or three we’d like to visit, so that when the weather is better again I’ll just be able to go.


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