Thursday, November 03, 2005

October Report & November Goals

So much for October:

1. Finish gathering the documents for Child Services and report STBXH for not paying child support since July (I only need one more document). I may be elligible for child support advance from Child Services, which means that they would try to track him down and get their money back instead of me. I just need one more document, which I hope to be able to obtain today. DONE
2. Decide what I am going to programm for school and start designing it. NOPE
3. Bank. DONE
4. Decide which Microsoft exam I am going to take first and check until when they are going to offer them (with VS.NET 2005 due in November) NOT YET
5. Talk to Mom about her taking DD during summer holidays next year. DONE, she's taking DD in August.
6. Try to track STBXH again and if he's still missing get paperwork done for filing a divorce without his consent (more difficult, more expensive) I know he's home, but refuses to talk to me, so I have to go with the no-consent option, when my lawyer is back from holiday.
7. Bring the remaining documents to DD's daycare (and try to prove I had no income until July - I mean it's easy to prove income, but how to prove NO income??) NOT YET
8. Start writitng my Master thesis, so that I'll be able to show something in November to my prof. OUCH, NO!
9. Find a nice recipe for veggie enchiladas and make them. YEAH, very tasty!

5 done, 4 not. A very mediocre result, but at least better than nothing.

My November goals are as follows:

1. Write at least 20 pages for my Master thesis (the lit review to start with).
2. Decide on the MCSD exam, I'm going to take.
3. Make an app to try to clear my debt.
4. File divorce papers.
5. Write a letter to DD's daycore about my income in 2005.
6. Change the data at DD's child money office.
7. Fill in the unemployment closing papers and send them back.
8. Sort out all the documents from the last couple of months.
9. Go clothes shopping with T.
10. Pay school bills and take photos.
11. Learn C#.
12. Make good progress on school projects (Delphi 2005 and the book are already ordered).
13. Stitch at least a little bit.
14. Decide what we're getting the kids for X-mass.
15. Decide what I am getting T. for X-mass.
16. Get my ears pierced for the new earrings I got from T.
17. Get wine and drink glasses.
18. Ride my new bike!!!
19. Copy the recipes I want to keep and return the books to the library.
20. Try at least 3 new vegge recipes.
21. Make sure T. changes the address on everything that still has the old one.
22. Change the tax class on my tax card.

I think this should be it for the most urgent tasks, I'll add more if they come to my mind later.


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