Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thank you, Belinda!!!

I found the most beautiful RAK at home yesterday waiting for me :) It was Mirabilia's Madonna of the Garden, all kitted up and ready to get stitched immediately! Of course I couldn't and didn't resist the temptation and started it immediately.

It's the most wonderful way of coming out of my stitching slump and getting my otherwise stressful life to calm down, I love watching Madonna's face, and I know I will love stitching on her. I am mutating into a one-at-a-timer for her at the moment :)

Thank you so much, Belinda, and I'll be looking forward to SALing with you!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

I need no more frost!

It's cold here, so freakingly freaking cold. Could someone turn the heating on?

Today it's -20C (-4F) and we have 20 minutes walk to DD's daycare. Really no fun. I am freezing even now at work, even though I put all the heaters on full power. The streets are very dangerous, completely covered with ice, also the public transport experiences lots of delays. I put off going to school until next week, because of that. My friend was not happy about it (we should deliver a project), but as long as the teacher said it's OK for him, I'd rather not spend 5 hours in trains and over an hour waiting on diverse stations today.

The weekend has been really challanging with lots of heart pain but good moments as well. No one promised it was going to be an easy relationship, but until now we have managed to solve our problems. I hope it stays this way :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dark suckers

I usually do not post humor in my blog, but this one is hysterical.

For years it has been believed that electric bulbs emitted light. However, more recent information has proven otherwise. Electric bulbs don't emit light, they suck dark. Thus we call these bulbs dark suckers. The dark sucker theory proves the existence of dark, that dark has mass heavier than that of light, and that dark is faster than light.

The basis of the dark sucker theory is that electric bulbs suck dark. Take, for example, the dark suckers in the room where you are. There is less dark right next to them than there is elsewhere. The larger the dark sucker, the greater its capacity to suck dark. Dark suckers in a parking lot have much greater capacity than the ones in this room. As with all things, dark suckers don't last forever. Once they are full of dark, they can no longer suck. This is proven by the black spot on a full dark sucker. A candle is a primitive dark sucker. A new candle has a white wick. You will notice that after the first use, the wick turns black, representing all of the dark that has been sucked into it. If you hold a pencil next to the wick of an operating candle, the tip will turn black because it got in the way of the dark flowing into the candle. Unfortunately, these primitive dark suckers have a very limited range. There are also portable dark suckers. The bulbs in these can't handle all of the dark by themselves, and must be aided by a dark storage unit. When the dark storage unit is full, it must either be emptied or replaced before the portable dark sucker can operate again.

Dark has mass. When dark goes into a dark sucker, friction from this mass generates heat. Thus, it is not wise to touch an operating dark sucker. Candles present a special problem as the dark must travel into a solid wick instead of through glass. This generates a great amount of heat. Thus, it can be very dangerous to touch an operating candle. Dark is also heavier than light. If you swim just below the surface of a lake, you will see a lot of light. If you swim deeper and deeper, you notice it gets slowly darker and darker. When you reach the depth of approximately 50 feet, you are in total darkness. This is because the heavier dark sinks to the bottom of the lake, and the lighter light floats to the top. The immense power of dark can be utilized to man's advantage. We can collect the dark that has settled to the bottom of lakes and push it through turbines. This generates electricity and helps push dark to the ocean, where it can be safely stored. Prior to turbines, it was much more difficult to get dark from the rivers and lakes to the ocean. The Indians recognized this problem and tried to solve it. When on a river in a canoe traveling in the same direction as the flow of the dark, they paddled slowly, so as not to stop the flow of dark. When they traveled against the flow of dark, they paddled quickly so as to help push the dark along its way.

Finally, we must prove that dark is faster than light. If you were to stand in an illuminated room in front of a closed, dark closet, then slowly open the closet door, you would see the light slowly enter the closet; but since the dark is so fast, you would not be able to see the dark leave the closet.

In conclusion, I would like to say that dark suckers make all our lives much easier. So the next time you look at an electric light bulb, remember that it is, indeed, a dark sucker.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Booking Through Thursday

I don't usually answer memes, but this one is especially interesting. I read a lot and usually in different languages. Now that I've found Booking Through Thursday, I may try to answer the memes regularly. This one is from December 01.

1. Have you ever read a book in a language other than your native language?
Yes. My mother tongue is Polish, but as I live in Germany the access to books in Polish is limited. There is a Polish library and I visit Poland often enough to buy a couple of books per year, but usually I am reading either in German or English. I'd like to read more in English, but unfortunately the British Council Library fee is quite high, so I'm limited to English books that can be found in regular libraries. I have also read "real" literature in French and some abbreviated versions in Italian and Russian. While learning a foreign language, the moment you notice that you can read an unabbreviated book gives me a thrill. Wonderful feeling.

2. If so, how would you describe your experience?
I admit that I like reading books in original. Translation, no matter how good, is a translation. Certain aspects get dimmed, some get over-punctuated. There are, of course, wonderful translations. Ones that I'd read just for the sake of the translation, but even then I prefer to know the original beforehand.
That being said, I have nothing against reading translations of books that are of slightly less literary value. I usually do not care much if I read Dan Brown in English, German or Polish and the funny thing is that after a couple of weeks I can't remember the language I read the book in.

3. Have you ever read a book translated from another language into your native language? Why or why not?
4. If so, how would you describe your experience?
Yes. Like I said above, in popular literature I do not see big differences. If the translation is decent enough (there are some really, really bad ones) it won't disturb my reading pleasure. Still, I'll take the original if I have a chance and know the language.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Monday (almost) Goals

I had no goals last week, so here are this weeks goals:

1. Finish my project for Programming Techniques class.
2. Finish our group project for Project Management class.
3. Write at least 5 pages of my thesis.
4. Move downstairs at work (from Jan 1 I am in a new project under a new boss).
5. No unnecessary purchases.
6. Read 200 pages in my Java book.

7. Stitch some more on Dawn Awakening's wing.
8. Go through my mags in search for the perfect spring design.
9. Fondle my stash a bit more...

Quite ambitious, but necessarily so.

BTW, I have cleaned the mess in my Blogrolling List. If you notice however that I have spelled something wrong, have a wrong title or link or just plainly forgot to add your blog, please, please let me know. I was seriously behind and might have messed something up.

I am also catching up on reading everybody's blogs and enjoy it immensely :)

Monday, January 09, 2006

More on stitching

On Saturday I managed to put 2.5 hours into Dawn Awakening. All I have is a yellow-blue blob, but I'm really happy with it nonetheless, especially because after 30 minutes I managed to find back my rythmus and stitching was very pleasurable again. Buying a new hard drive for T. was a good idea, he was busy installing everything and I had time to stitch ;) I am going to try to get some stitching time regularly, despite having two projects due on the Jan 16th. I'm so ready for school to be over, I'm really happy, that it's the last term. I am going to take a pic of my blob and post it here either today or tomrrow :)

I have taken the plunge and decided to take part in the Spring Exchange, I am really looking forward to doing it.

And I've been thinking about what actually I'd like to stitch this year (this does neccasssarily mean finish this year). So my first, tentative list, as always subject to change is:

1. Dracolair Dawn Awakening
2. Spring Exchange Piece
3. Chatelaine Watergarden
4. Dimensions Gracious Era
5. MLI Celtic Banner
6. Suprise, suprise!
7. Jeannette Douglas Pacific Rim
8. TW celtic Cross <--- edited to add last two positions!!!

I think that's more than enough for this year, it's going to be very busy. Maybe I'll stitch an ornie or two, or something equally small, which I'm not going to list, but except for that, it should be it. I am also going to take pics regularly and post some older pics of my DD :)

Friday, January 06, 2006

More about Stitching, Christmas & Birthdays

Finally :)

I got whole 2 hours of stash fondling yesterday and already feel better. I had no time to put an actual stitch into anything, but hey, I'm still OK. I pulled out three projects with the least memories attached to them - Dracolair Dawn Awakening, Dimensions Gracious Era and Jeannette Douglas Pacific Rim Sampler. Gracious Era has some stitching in it, the other two are new starts. T. likes Dawn Awakening most, so I guess I am going to start working on it in the first place. Maybe later on I'll get to some kind of a small rotation. Just Gracious Era doesn't really fit, as I'm fed up with winter already LOL. Maybe I'll try finding another project that isn't a new start and work it in, but I'm going to take it slowly. My first great success is that I managed to find scissors, needles, floss, chart and fabric for at least some of the projects :) I hope to be able to put some floss lengths into my Awakening Draggie today, as he's already all set up on the q-snap.

I am also thinking about being really brave and joining the Spring Exchange. I'm pretty sure I could do it. Yes, I could and I feel like stitching something special for a special person. I'm just a bit chicken at the moment, but I still have a couple of days to decide. I like exchanges and such so much...

Sometimes it feels so funny that T. hasn't even seen me stitching yet. I mean it has always been my main and most favorite hobby and an important part of who I am. I hope he'll accept it without too much hassle, especially as we both got to be very fond of listening to books on CD. And this goes really well with stitching... At the moment we are on CD 3 of Dan Brown's Deception Point and love it.

Christmas was really nice this year. I mean, except for the fact that I came down with a nasty stomach bug on Christmas Eve and T. had to prepare the dinner alone ;) But he did it great and we had some really good time together. The children liked their presents, the atmosphere was good and I was really able to relax. T. had to work on Boxing Day, but besides everything was OK. We went to Poland to visit T.'s parents on new Year's Eve. I was slightly afraid of this visit, but they turned out to be unbelieveably nice and caring and fell in love with DD. She got so rotten spoilt LOL. It feels so good to be able to offer a functioning family to her, even if it's not the original one.

Today is T.'s birthday. I got him a hard drive for his computer and he already claimed it when he had to get up at 3 am :) He seemes to be pleased with it, even though, normally, I do not consider computer parts to be a real present. This year we have to take it easy though, and we just get something small for each other, or something that we really need and would have to buy anyway.

Thanks everyone for being there, I really appreciate and I promise to keep in touch better this year.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year

Normally you should be able to find a summary of my last year's achievements and plans for the New Year here. Unfortunately life's still too chaotic for that at the moment, so everything we'll be just very generic.

As far as my non-stitching life is concerned, last year was the most challanging ever. So many things happened... But then I'm alive and fairly well now. All good what ends good, I guess.

Stitchingwise... Well, I completely stopped stitching in June. In spite of many attempts to retake it, I haven't really managed. One thing is that we have very little space in our current appartment, other that I'm still kind of restless about everything. I also should be working on my final thesis and some minor projects for school and be learning Java for work. I do not devote enough time to any of those, but I don't stitch either. I have been thinking about maybe rewarding myself with 30 minutes stitching time for every two hours spent writing, it used to work when I was writing my Bachelor thesis... I am very much in a stitching mood today and T. is away, so maybe I'll pull out my stitching supplies and just make a start. I'll let you know...

Unfortunately I cannot use my usual fix to stitching slump - s.e.x. I have always liked Mirabilia's Madonna of the Garden. But I didn't know who to stitch it for. Through the bad times, I have found my way back to church (I'm Catholic and even though I'd never really left the church, I wasn't attending regularly), T. and his family are very religious anyway, so I'm really eager to stitch it for us now. Unfortunately I'm completely broke now so it will take some time till I'll be able to afford it. Not, that I have nothing to stitch in the meantime LOL. I've been thinking about joining the 2006 Challange on the Wagon, but wouldn't it be unfair, if I don't buy, because I can't afford it, not because I choose not to buy LOL?

I'm going to dig in my stash today and see what I will come out with, I'm sure I'll find something appealing.

2006 should see much less drama in my life... In March we'll be moving to a much much bigger appartment, which should solve quite a number of problems. That's why we are saving that badly at the moment. A friend of us laughs that at least our new appartment is going to be very zen, because we have very little furniture, but I think it's going to be fun anyway. Like moving out of your parents home again, LOL. We're just going to take credit and buy things for the kitchen, because I can't imagine cooking for 3 kids without having a kitchen. IKEA is going to see us more often now, choosing everything :)

Our current appartment is very small. We have one bedroom where Allie sleeps permanently and T.'s kids when they're with us and a second room which acts as our bedroom, living room, dining room and kids' playroom. The kitchen is so small that only one person can fit inside :) Absolutely no space to hide, to run away, no privacy. Am I complaining? No! I have very strong conflict-avoiding tendencies and this appartment has been a very good cure. There is no way to run away, so I won't. I'm really getting so much better at it and I hope that moving to a place that is 3 times as big won't stop the trend. As much as I yearn my own space, I am going to miss our teeny tiny little nest ;) Starting from scratch definitely has many bright sides to it ;)

I am not making any resolutions this year. Of course there are things I want to finish, like my thesis and school in general. I also want to learn more for work and establish better routines in my life. But I will take life as it comes and will try to make most of it. Life is beautiful, no matter how difficult.

My greatest wish for 2006 is to be able to post stitching/knitting/sewing/quilting Happy Dances here and stop boring you with all the malheurs that happen to me :)


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Harry Potter

You scored as Hermione Granger. You're one intelligent witch, but you have a hard time believing it and require constant reassurance. You are a very supportive friend who would do anything and everything to help her friends out.

Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
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