Monday, January 23, 2006

I need no more frost!

It's cold here, so freakingly freaking cold. Could someone turn the heating on?

Today it's -20C (-4F) and we have 20 minutes walk to DD's daycare. Really no fun. I am freezing even now at work, even though I put all the heaters on full power. The streets are very dangerous, completely covered with ice, also the public transport experiences lots of delays. I put off going to school until next week, because of that. My friend was not happy about it (we should deliver a project), but as long as the teacher said it's OK for him, I'd rather not spend 5 hours in trains and over an hour waiting on diverse stations today.

The weekend has been really challanging with lots of heart pain but good moments as well. No one promised it was going to be an easy relationship, but until now we have managed to solve our problems. I hope it stays this way :)


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