Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Monday (almost) Goals

I had no goals last week, so here are this weeks goals:

1. Finish my project for Programming Techniques class.
2. Finish our group project for Project Management class.
3. Write at least 5 pages of my thesis.
4. Move downstairs at work (from Jan 1 I am in a new project under a new boss).
5. No unnecessary purchases.
6. Read 200 pages in my Java book.

7. Stitch some more on Dawn Awakening's wing.
8. Go through my mags in search for the perfect spring design.
9. Fondle my stash a bit more...

Quite ambitious, but necessarily so.

BTW, I have cleaned the mess in my Blogrolling List. If you notice however that I have spelled something wrong, have a wrong title or link or just plainly forgot to add your blog, please, please let me know. I was seriously behind and might have messed something up.

I am also catching up on reading everybody's blogs and enjoy it immensely :)


Blogger Lana said...

Thank you for blogrolling me!
Happy stitching!

4:33 AM  

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