Friday, January 06, 2006

More about Stitching, Christmas & Birthdays

Finally :)

I got whole 2 hours of stash fondling yesterday and already feel better. I had no time to put an actual stitch into anything, but hey, I'm still OK. I pulled out three projects with the least memories attached to them - Dracolair Dawn Awakening, Dimensions Gracious Era and Jeannette Douglas Pacific Rim Sampler. Gracious Era has some stitching in it, the other two are new starts. T. likes Dawn Awakening most, so I guess I am going to start working on it in the first place. Maybe later on I'll get to some kind of a small rotation. Just Gracious Era doesn't really fit, as I'm fed up with winter already LOL. Maybe I'll try finding another project that isn't a new start and work it in, but I'm going to take it slowly. My first great success is that I managed to find scissors, needles, floss, chart and fabric for at least some of the projects :) I hope to be able to put some floss lengths into my Awakening Draggie today, as he's already all set up on the q-snap.

I am also thinking about being really brave and joining the Spring Exchange. I'm pretty sure I could do it. Yes, I could and I feel like stitching something special for a special person. I'm just a bit chicken at the moment, but I still have a couple of days to decide. I like exchanges and such so much...

Sometimes it feels so funny that T. hasn't even seen me stitching yet. I mean it has always been my main and most favorite hobby and an important part of who I am. I hope he'll accept it without too much hassle, especially as we both got to be very fond of listening to books on CD. And this goes really well with stitching... At the moment we are on CD 3 of Dan Brown's Deception Point and love it.

Christmas was really nice this year. I mean, except for the fact that I came down with a nasty stomach bug on Christmas Eve and T. had to prepare the dinner alone ;) But he did it great and we had some really good time together. The children liked their presents, the atmosphere was good and I was really able to relax. T. had to work on Boxing Day, but besides everything was OK. We went to Poland to visit T.'s parents on new Year's Eve. I was slightly afraid of this visit, but they turned out to be unbelieveably nice and caring and fell in love with DD. She got so rotten spoilt LOL. It feels so good to be able to offer a functioning family to her, even if it's not the original one.

Today is T.'s birthday. I got him a hard drive for his computer and he already claimed it when he had to get up at 3 am :) He seemes to be pleased with it, even though, normally, I do not consider computer parts to be a real present. This year we have to take it easy though, and we just get something small for each other, or something that we really need and would have to buy anyway.

Thanks everyone for being there, I really appreciate and I promise to keep in touch better this year.


Blogger Mia said...

Hi Gosia, it is good to hear from you and read that things are more settled in your life right now. I wish you nothing but happiness and health for the new year. You sure deserve it after last year. :) Stay strong, my friend!!!

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