Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year

Normally you should be able to find a summary of my last year's achievements and plans for the New Year here. Unfortunately life's still too chaotic for that at the moment, so everything we'll be just very generic.

As far as my non-stitching life is concerned, last year was the most challanging ever. So many things happened... But then I'm alive and fairly well now. All good what ends good, I guess.

Stitchingwise... Well, I completely stopped stitching in June. In spite of many attempts to retake it, I haven't really managed. One thing is that we have very little space in our current appartment, other that I'm still kind of restless about everything. I also should be working on my final thesis and some minor projects for school and be learning Java for work. I do not devote enough time to any of those, but I don't stitch either. I have been thinking about maybe rewarding myself with 30 minutes stitching time for every two hours spent writing, it used to work when I was writing my Bachelor thesis... I am very much in a stitching mood today and T. is away, so maybe I'll pull out my stitching supplies and just make a start. I'll let you know...

Unfortunately I cannot use my usual fix to stitching slump - s.e.x. I have always liked Mirabilia's Madonna of the Garden. But I didn't know who to stitch it for. Through the bad times, I have found my way back to church (I'm Catholic and even though I'd never really left the church, I wasn't attending regularly), T. and his family are very religious anyway, so I'm really eager to stitch it for us now. Unfortunately I'm completely broke now so it will take some time till I'll be able to afford it. Not, that I have nothing to stitch in the meantime LOL. I've been thinking about joining the 2006 Challange on the Wagon, but wouldn't it be unfair, if I don't buy, because I can't afford it, not because I choose not to buy LOL?

I'm going to dig in my stash today and see what I will come out with, I'm sure I'll find something appealing.

2006 should see much less drama in my life... In March we'll be moving to a much much bigger appartment, which should solve quite a number of problems. That's why we are saving that badly at the moment. A friend of us laughs that at least our new appartment is going to be very zen, because we have very little furniture, but I think it's going to be fun anyway. Like moving out of your parents home again, LOL. We're just going to take credit and buy things for the kitchen, because I can't imagine cooking for 3 kids without having a kitchen. IKEA is going to see us more often now, choosing everything :)

Our current appartment is very small. We have one bedroom where Allie sleeps permanently and T.'s kids when they're with us and a second room which acts as our bedroom, living room, dining room and kids' playroom. The kitchen is so small that only one person can fit inside :) Absolutely no space to hide, to run away, no privacy. Am I complaining? No! I have very strong conflict-avoiding tendencies and this appartment has been a very good cure. There is no way to run away, so I won't. I'm really getting so much better at it and I hope that moving to a place that is 3 times as big won't stop the trend. As much as I yearn my own space, I am going to miss our teeny tiny little nest ;) Starting from scratch definitely has many bright sides to it ;)

I am not making any resolutions this year. Of course there are things I want to finish, like my thesis and school in general. I also want to learn more for work and establish better routines in my life. But I will take life as it comes and will try to make most of it. Life is beautiful, no matter how difficult.

My greatest wish for 2006 is to be able to post stitching/knitting/sewing/quilting Happy Dances here and stop boring you with all the malheurs that happen to me :)



Blogger Isabelle said...

Dear Gosia,

With all my heart, I wish you a very Happy New Year!

4:58 PM  
Blogger Shannon L. said...

I wish you a very Happy New Year :) And hopefully some HD's too !

Join the challenge on the Wagon. I joined it - and haven't been able to afford stash for a couple of years now. Hey, there has to be some benefit to being broke ;)


5:12 PM  
Blogger Singular Stitches said...

Where can the 2006 Challenge on the Wagon be found??? I SO need this!!!

Small living spaces can be cozy living spaces, and the true test of living in harmony!

8:12 PM  

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