Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Feeling better

I do not feel so depressed over the stepkids issue any more. We talked again yesterday and I feel assured that DBF loves me and DD and wants to work on the problems. I know it's unbelieveably difficult for him, as it is for me. I guess patchwork families are never easy. If the things do not get better soon, I am going to suggest counseling, maybe having a neutral observer could help. For the moment I'm going to wait and see some more.

I am so proud how well we seem to solve other issues and would be heratbroken if we split up, because of this one.

Today I'm going to visit a library and cover myself with good books :) I also hope to get some stitching time in the evening and put some work into my thesis. I am working on Madonna of the Garden and after some changing of the mind I decided on Platinum Cashel linen. Yes, it is my favorite fabric of all times LOL, but I think she's going to look beautiful on it. The purples and the greens look very good already so I'm positive I will love the end result. As much as I adore hand-dyes I have always been slightly disappointed with the way the design loosk in the end. I like my background to be just background :) I must say, though, that I've seen a couple of perfect matches, so I'm not all lost here ;)

We also need to discuss sommer holiday planning, which means fun, fun, fun :) Especially as my Mom will be taking DD for a month and we're going to go somewhere for two weeks all alone! I crave time alonee with DBF so much :) I think we're going to go to the mountains and do some hiking/climbing. We'll be also taking the kids to the Baltic Sea for two week in July, we'll be camping (with tents) so this will surely be fun as well.

And we're going to watch the IKEA catalogue again this evening, we're choosing kitchen and bedroom furniture... I love it :) I'll post a link when we've decided on what we want (we're 80% sure at the moment).


Blogger Belinda said...

You're right - patchwork families aren't easy and they do take some work and time to get right - I'm proud of you for sticking with it, though :)

Counseling might not be a bad idea, if things get troublesome again. I went with DH and his kids when they were young and it helped a lot!


2:34 PM  
Blogger Lorna said...

((((hugs)))) What a great phrase 'patchwork family'.:D I'll have to remember that one.

11:47 AM  

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